2007 News Story

Saudi authorities arrest 208 suspected militants, foiling imminent attacks

Saudi security forces have arrested 208 suspected militants who planned a series of attacks, including one on an oil installation and a number of assassinations, the Ministry of Interior announced today. 

Authorities arrested the suspects over the past few months in security operations around the Kingdom, according to the statement. The operations also netted information and materials.

The Ministry provided the following details about the arrests:

A cell of eight people, including one resident, was arrested for plotting an attack on an auxiliary oil installation in the Eastern Province. The plans had reached an advanced stage and the attack was imminent. One of the suspects told authorities how the cell recruited members and prepared them for suicide attacks in the Kingdom and abroad.

A cell of 22 people was arrested for promoting terrorism and plotting assassinations of Muslim scholars and security forces.

An 18-member cell was arrested for plotting to smuggle rockets into Saudi Arabia with the intention of carrying out terrorist operations. The cell’s leader is considered an expert in launching missiles.

Security operations in various regions of Saudi Arabia resulted in the arrests of 112 people suspected of associating with terrorist cells abroad. The suspects are also accused of sending individuals to troubled areas and then bringing them back to the Kingdom to perpetrate attacks there.

Thirty-two people, Saudis and residents, were arrested for providing financial support to terrorists.

A 16-member cell was arrested in Madinah for promoting and supporting terrorism. They planned to issue a publication titled “Al-Rafidain Echo” that propagated terrorist ideology, and sent individuals abroad to fight in areas of conflict.

The Ministry also called on suspects or individuals who have been sent to “troubled areas” to report to the nearest Saudi authorities or embassy abroad to clarify their situation.