2007 News Story

Details released about two new oil wells discovered in the Eastern Province

Additional details have been released about the two new oil fields recently discovered by Saudi Aramco. The two fields are southeast of Ghawar in the Eastern Province.

The Mabruk-1 well is located approximately 18 miles southeast of Ghawar. It tested oil in the Hadriya reservoir at 10,300 feet, flowed 5,600 barrels per day of Arabian heavy crude and 2 million standard cubic feet per day of gas at 1,200 psi, numbers that are expected to increase once normal production begins. Mabruk-1 is the first discovery in the Hadriya reservoir.

The Dirwazah-1 well, approximately 43 miles southeast of Ghawar, tested oil in the Arab D reservoir at 9,500 feet. It flowed 5,569 bpd of Arabian light crude, with 2.8 million scfd of gas at 600 psi wellhead pressure on a one-inch choke.