2007 News Story

National plan for communications and information technology announced

Minister of Communications and Information Technology Mohammed Jameel Mullah reviewed the national plan for communications and information technology that was previously approved by the Cabinet on May 28, 2007.


Dr. Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Qasem, Advisor to the Minister for Information Technology Affairs, summarized the national communications plan.  He emphasized that the plan is composed of  two factors: a long-term communications and information technology perspective and a five-year plan for communications and information technology in the Kingdom.

Dr. Al-Qasem explained that the long-term plan is to transfer the current communications systems into an updated information and digital system that will be accessible to everyone in every part of the country.  The focus will be on building a strong communication and information industry.

Communications and information technology revenues are projected to generate $1.3 billion.  Local and foreign investments are predicted to contribute in excess of $7.9 billion to the Saudi economy, in addition to providing jobs for over 1 million people. Educational opportunities in the fields of communication and information technology will also grow.  An expected 4,000 students will benefit from scholarships related to communications and information technology fields. Computer and internet studies will also be made available at the general education and university levels.

The communication plan will provide for a fixed telephone line that will reach 25 percent of the population and a mobile system that will reach 80 percent.