2007 News Story

Saudi Aramco attends London's Geoscientists Conference

Saudi Aramco attended the 69th European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers Conference and Exhibition held in London.  Saudi Aramco hosted a recruiting station with a display area that showcased the company's advanced geosciences technology.

Saudi Aramco's Vice President of Exploration Abdulla Al-Naim stated, “Our goal at the 69th EAGE is to share some of our unique experience as custodians of the world’s largest crude oil reserves, and to display some of the cutting-edge technology we use to find and manage these reserves."

The exhibit also highlighted two oil discovery techniques used by Saudi Aramco.  Mohammed Al-Otaibi presented a new analytical solution that utilizes seismic amplitude to measure the thickness of underground reservoirs that are seismically thin.  The second technique was explained by Saleh M. Al-Saleh, and implements an efficient wave equation datuming (WED) technique.  This WED methodology has been compared to the conventional vertical time-shift approach and has shown improved results.

Saudi Aramco's participation in world class technology conferences provides an opportunity for the company to share and access the latest advances in the geosciences.