2007 News Story

Ambassador Al-Jubeir meets with incoming and outgoing Defense Attachés

  Ambassador Al-Jubeir (center) with Brig. Gen. Alrakaf (left) and Col. Amin Shaker (right)

Saudi Ambassador to the US Adel A. Al-Jubeir met with outgoing Defense Attaché Brig. Gen. Ali Alrakaf and the new Defense Attaché, Col. Amin bin Mohamed Shaker, at the Saudi Embassy in Washington yesterday. 

On Monday, Ambassador Al-Jubeir attended a reception hosted by the Saudi Armed Forces Office in honor of Gen. Alrakaf’s departure and welcoming Col. Shaker.

In remarks upon the occasion, Ambassador Al-Jubeir praised Gen. Alrakaf and presented him with a plaque in recognition of his distinguished service. Prior to his appointment as Defense Attaché in the US, Brig. Gen. Alrakaf was the Liaison Officer for the US Central Command in Tampa, Florida and for the Task Force in Somalia. He also served as the Saudi Military Attaché in Madrid, Spain.

Gen. Alrakaf is succeeded by Col. Shaker, who comes to Washington from Rome, where he served as the Kingdom’s Defense Attaché.