2007 News Story

Nearly 1.4 million pilgrims have already arrived in Saudi Arabia for the Hajj

As of December 11, nearly 1.4 million pilgrims have arrived in Saudi Arabia to perform the Hajj.

According a Central Hajj Committee report, 61,642 pilgrims arrived at Jeddah’s King Abdulaziz International Airport; 12,723 arrived at Madinah’s Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Airport; 2,945 pilgrims arrived via the Halat Ammar entry point at the Saudi-Jordanian border; 3,769 at the Batha crossing on the Saudi-UAE border; and 4,033 over other border crossings.

Saudi embassies and consulates around the world granted visas to 1,575,214 Hajj pilgrims this year. Indonesian pilgrims topped the list for 2007 with 214,886 visas, while Argentina had the smallest number at 15. Notably, there was a considerable increase in Chinese pilgrims this year; the number of visas issued for the Hajj exceeded 10,000 for the first time.