2007 News Story

Prince Saud highlights need for Iraqi unity in NPR interview

Minister of Foreign Affairs Prince Saud Al-Faisal stressed the importance of achieving a national reconciliation in Iraq in an interview with National Public Radio’s Jacki Lyden.  

In the interview, which aired on the September 22 broadcast of the program All Things Considered, Prince Saud said that the Kingdom has participated in a meeting of Iraq’s neighboring countries that called for non-intervention in Iraq.

“It is an essential matter to practice self-control and to avoid intervention in the Iraqi affairs because intervention will further complicate the situation in Iraq,” he said.

Saudi Arabia supports Iraqi unity, Prince Saud noted. He stressed that that partitioning the country would cause enduring unrest in Iraq and its neighboring countries and pave the way for more bloodshed.

Commenting on the upcoming international peace conference on Palestine, Prince Saud said that official invitations have not been extended and that the details of the conference are still under study.

“Numerous details need to be studied to guarantee tackling the problem of peace in the Middle East in a comprehensive manner,” the Saudi foreign minister said.  

Read the transcript of Prince Saud's interview