2007 News Story

Oil Minister addresses high-level UN meeting on climate change

Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Ali Al-Naimi represented Saudi Arabia at the UN General Assembly meeting on climate change in New York yesterday.


The high-level meeting is the largest gathering of world leaders on climate change to date. It aims to secure political commitment to climate change and build momentum for the UN Climate Change Conference in December.

In his address at the event, Al-Naimi said that Saudi Arabia looks forward to beginning negotiations on stage two of the Kyoto Protocol, and that the Kingdom is ready for an international agreement in that regard.

Al-Naimi noted that an agreement should be based on the principles set out in the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, which include common but differentiated responsibilities for developed and developing countries with no countries assuming more than its fair share of the burden. In addition, there should be no bias against specific goods within the framework of international trade, he said.

The Saudi oil minister also expressed the Kingdom’s concern about selective climate change-related policies adopted by some industrialized nations, including direct and indirect aid for the coal and nuclear energy industries and the imposition of higher taxes.