2007 News Story

President Bush certifies Saudi Arabia as anti-terror ally

President George W. Bush today certified Saudi Arabia as an anti-terrorism ally in a memorandum to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. 

“I hereby certify that Saudi Arabia is cooperating with efforts to combat international terrorism and that the proposed assistance will help facilitate that effort,” Bush said in the memorandum, which was released by the White House.

Saudi Arabia is an active partner in the international coalition to fight terrorism and has worked closely with the United States and other nations to destroy terrorist organizations and eliminate the threat they pose to the international community.

Since September 11, 2001, the Kingdom has questioned thousands of suspects, arrested hundreds, and succeeded in extraditing Al-Qaeda members from other countries to face justice. Saudi Arabia has also cracked down on terrorist financing, enacting some of the toughest counterterrorism laws and financial regulations in the world.