2007 News Story

“Art Alive” project to showcase Saudi artists

A unique project called Art Alive gives Saudi artists from across the Kingdom the chance to exhibit their work on an international level, the Arab News reported today.

Organized by BMG Foundation, Art Alive is designed to facilitate cultural interaction and provide Saudi artists with international exposure. The project will also benefit local charities.

“Every culture expresses itself and its unique identity through its art,” said BMG Chairman Basil Al-Ghalayini, as quoted in the Arab News. “The paintings will be sold at auctions and while the artists will receive a share of the revenue, the majority of the cash raised will go back directly to help individuals start small businesses,” said Al-Ghalayini.

Original works are now being solicited for submission. A panel of art experts from well-known international galleries will select the works that will finally reach the salons of Europe and the wider Middle East as well as auction houses, including Sotheby’s in London.

Art Alive exhibitions will initially be shown in Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam before moving on to Europe early in 2008.

Established a decade ago, BMG Foundation aims to execute charitable projects that contribute to society and culture.  BMG Foundation has raised funds for needy children in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Lebanon and the UK, as well as increasing appreciation of sport and high art culture in the region.