2007 News Releases

December 30, 2007Saudi Arabia requests ministerial meeting on Lebanon, peace process
December 29, 2007Ten Saudi detainees repatriated from Guantanamo Bay
December 27, 2007King Abdullah condemns murder of Bhutto, calls for Pakistanis to preserve unity
December 23, 2007Saudi authorities arrest 28 suspected Al-Qaeda militants
December 22, 2007Saudi authorities foil terrorist attack on holy sites
December 21, 2007Pilgrims stone the devil at Jamarat for the second day without incident
December 20, 2007Pilgrims stone the devil at Jamarat
December 20, 2007King Abdullah hosts distinguished Hajj guests in Mina
December 19, 2007King Abdullah and Crown Prince Sultan address Muslims on the Eid Al-Adha
December 19, 2007Saudi ambassador hosts morning Eid Al-Adha prayers
December 19, 2007More than 2.3 million pilgrims arrive in Mina
December 18, 2007Pilgrims perform Day of Standing at Arafat
December 18, 2007New kiswa placed on the Holy Ka’abah
December 17, 2007Hajj begins today as pilgrims move into Mina
December 17, 2007King Abdullah pardons “Qatif Girl”
December 17, 2007Saudi Arabia and Jordan sign marine border agreement
December 17, 2007More than 1.7 million pilgrims have arrived in Saudi Arabia for the Hajj
December 17, 2007Saudi Fund for Development to finance social development projects in Egypt
December 15, 2007More than 1.6 million pilgrims in Saudi Arabia for the Hajj
December 15, 2007King Abdullah meets with Egyptian intelligence chief
December 13, 2007Saudi Arabia condemns deadly suicide bombings in Algeria
December 12, 2007Nearly 1.4 million pilgrims have already arrived in Saudi Arabia for the Hajj
December 12, 2007Saudi Oil Minister attends high-level UN conference on climate change
December 11, 2007Ministry of Finance issues statement on FY 2008 budget
December 11, 2007Saudi Foreign Minister condemns settlement expansion in East Jerusalem
December 10, 2007King Abdullah names members of the Allegiance Commission
December 10, 2007New kiswa to be presented tomorrow
December 10, 2007Royal Decrees issued for FY 2008 State budget
December 10, 2007King Abdullah announces state budget for FY 2008
December 10, 2007Saudi Arabia grants 1,575,214 Hajj visas this year
December 10, 2007Supreme Judicial Council announces dates for 1428 Hajj
December 09, 2007King Abdullah discusses Middle East peace efforts with Quartet envoy Tony Blair
December 09, 2007More than 1.1 million pilgrims already in the Kingdom for the Hajj
December 08, 2007Saudi Arabia finances renovation of Aden General Hospital
December 08, 2007Makkah Governor inspects holy sites in preparation for the Hajj
December 07, 2007Saudi airlift delivers another shipment of relief aid to Bangladesh
December 06, 2007Saudi Arabia donates $1 million for victims of Japanese earthquake
December 06, 2007OPEC leaves production unchanged
December 04, 2007GCC leaders conclude 28th summit with final communiqué
December 04, 2007Commerce Department honors eight Saudi companies
December 04, 2007Saudi Arabia contracts Samsung to build new eco-friendly refinery at Ras Tanura
December 04, 2007GCC announces formation of common market at Doha summit
December 03, 2007Third Saudi plane brings relief aid to Bangladesh
December 03, 2007Interior Minister: Saudi authorities have foiled more than 180 terrorist plots
December 03, 2007Cabinet: Middle East peace process, Hajj preparations
December 02, 2007King Abdullah to attend GCC summit in Doha
December 02, 2007French president telephones King Abdullah to discuss Middle East issues
December 02, 2007King Abdullah to host 1,000 Hajj pilgrims from around the world
December 02, 2007King Abdullah makes appointments to the Court of the Cabinet’s Presidency
December 01, 2007King Abdullah meets with Palestinian Authority President Abbas
December 01, 2007Crown Prince Sultan opens national security conference
December 01, 2007Number of Hajj pilgrims in the Kingdom to date reaches 570,480
November 30, 2007Saudi Embassy’s exhibit of 19th century Orientalist art closes
November 30, 2007Saudi Arabian Airlines expects more than 1.1 million Hajj passengers
November 29, 2007Saudi-financed bridge opens in Lebanon
November 29, 2007Kingdom’s non-petroleum exports for August up from last year
November 28, 2007Saudi authorities arrest 208 suspected militants, foiling imminent attacks
November 28, 2007Oil Minister: Markets are well supplied
November 28, 2007Saudi Arabia funds training center for women in the West Bank
November 27, 2007Arab foreign ministers meet at the Saudi Embassy prior to conference
November 27, 2007Cabinet: Annapolis conference should address core issues
November 27, 2007Saudi relief aid begins arriving in Bangladesh
November 27, 2007Prince Saud Al-Faisal addresses Annapolis peace conference
November 27, 2007Foreign Minister: Kingdom confident of the US commitment to Middle East peace
November 26, 2007Medical arrangements completed for this year’s Hajj
November 26, 2007King Abdullah discusses peace process with Jordanian monarch
November 24, 2007King Abdullah to meet with King Abdullah II of Jordan on Sunday
November 24, 2007Saudi Arabia elected to International Maritime Organization Council
November 23, 2007Crown Prince Sultan concludes visit to Russia
November 23, 2007Saudi relief aid arrives in Mali
November 23, 2007Saudi Arabia to attend Annapolis peace conference
November 22, 2007Crown Prince Sultan discusses Middle East peace, investment cooperation with Itar-Tass
November 21, 2007Crown Prince Sultan arrives in Russia for official visit
November 21, 2007King Abdullah meets with Quartet Middle East envoy Tony Blair
November 21, 2007AGFUND donates $200,000 to Bangladesh relief efforts
November 20, 2007Saudi Arabia to invest more than $64 billion in IT
November 20, 2007King Abdullah holds talks with Pakistan’s president
November 20, 2007Crown Prince Sultan to visit Russia
November 19, 2007Cabinet welcomes OPEC summit, condoles Bangladesh on deadly cyclone
November 18, 2007Third OPEC Summit concludes with the Riyadh Declaration
November 18, 2007Fire at Aramco gas pipeline quickly contained, supplies unaffected
November 18, 2007Saudi Arabia grants $100 million to cyclone-ravaged Bangladesh
November 17, 2007Third OPEC Summit of Heads of State begins in Riyadh
November 16, 2007Prince Sultan Humanitarian City signs agreement with US university
November 16, 2007King Abdullah meets with Palestinian Authority president
November 16, 2007OPEC ministers meet in advance of tomorrow’s summit
November 15, 2007OPEC to fund socioeconomic projects in least developed countries
November 14, 2007Saudi Arabia to provide $242 million for projects in Yemen
November 14, 2007King Abdullah approves new center to promote cultural dialogue
November 13, 2007Oil Minister opens International Oil Exhibition in Riyadh
November 12, 2007Cabinet praises King Abdullah’s visits to Europe, Egypt and Turkey
November 10, 2007Saudi-Turkish talks focus on Middle East, Iraq
November 10, 2007Foreign Minister approves bylaw on Chemical Weapons Convention
November 10, 2007King Abdullah and Egyptian president discuss Middle East peace process
November 10, 2007Fourteen Guantanamo detainees repatriated to Saudi Arabia
November 10, 2007Saudi Ambassador opens internship program for Saudi students
November 09, 2007Saudi Embassy hosts exhibit of 19th century Orientalist paintings
November 09, 2007King Abdullah pays state visit to Turkey
November 08, 2007King Abdullah urges peaceful resolution to Iran nuclear crisis
November 08, 2007King Abdullah holds talks with German Chancellor Merkel
November 07, 2007Saudi-Italian talks focus on Lebanon, Middle East, Iranian nuclear file
November 07, 2007King Abdullah begins state visit to Germany
November 06, 2007Crown Prince Sultan holds talks with Qatar's prime minister
November 06, 2007King Abdullah holds historic meeting with Pope Benedict XVI
November 05, 2007King Abdullah begins state visit to Italy
November 05, 2007Saudi Arabia and Bahrain sign travel agreement at GCC ministerial meeting
November 05, 2007Cabinet reaffirms Saudi support for Iraqi unity, stability
November 04, 2007King Abdullah to visit Italy on Monday
November 03, 2007Saudi Arabia donates relief aid to Pakistan flood victims
November 03, 2007Foreign Minister: National reconciliation only way to resolve Iraq crisis
November 03, 2007King Abdullah meets with president of Switzerland
November 02, 2007Foreign Minister: GCC has offered to provide uranium to Iran
November 01, 2007King Abdullah concludes state visit to Britain
November 01, 2007Saudi Arabia ranks 35th in Global Competitiveness Report
October 31, 2007Saudi Red Crescent Society sends humanitarian aid to Darfur
October 31, 2007King Abdullah holds talks with British prime minister
October 30, 2007Omani conjoined twins successfully separated in 18-hour surgery
October 30, 2007King Abdullah receives ceremonial welcome in London
October 29, 2007King Abdullah arrives in Britain for official visit
October 29, 2007Crown Prince Sultan chairs weekly Cabinet meeting
October 29, 2007King Abdullah: Saudi Arabia warned Britain prior to 2005 London bombing
October 28, 2007King Abdullah to pay 13-day official visit to Europe, Turkey
October 27, 2007Crown Prince Sultan urges Iran not to provoke any party
October 27, 2007King Abdullah receives messages from leaders of France and Russia
October 27, 2007GCC Finance Ministers: No need to change the Saudi riyal’s US dollar peg
October 26, 2007King Abdullah to pay official visit to Britain next week
October 26, 2007King Abdullah donates $26.7 million to the Arab Open University
October 25, 2007Saudi Arabia elected to UNESCO Executive Board
October 25, 2007“Art Alive” project to showcase Saudi artists
October 24, 2007First Lady Laura Bush visits Saudi Arabia to promote breast cancer awareness
October 24, 2007Interior Minister praises successful meeting of Iraq’s neighboring countries
October 24, 2007Crown Prince Sultan pays official visit to Kuwait
October 23, 2007King Abdullah and Finnish president hold talks
October 23, 2007Crown Prince discusses counterterrorism, regional hot spots with Kuwaiti daily
October 22, 2007Finnish president begins historic official visit to Saudi Arabia
October 22, 2007US-Saudi Partnership for Breast Cancer Awareness to launch in Riyadh
October 22, 2007Finance Minister addresses annual World Bank/IMF meeting
October 21, 2007King Abdullah lays the foundation stone for KAUST
October 21, 2007King Abdullah meets with Turkey’s foreign minister
October 21, 2007Finnish president highlights Kingdom’s importance
October 20, 2007King Abdullah meets with US Homeland Security Advisor
October 20, 2007Ministerial meeting of Iraq’s neighboring countries to focus on security issues
October 19, 2007Saudi Arabia to open an embassy in Finland
October 19, 2007President Bush certifies Saudi Arabia as anti-terror ally
October 18, 2007Saudi Arabia top recipient of FDI in the Arab world
October 17, 2007Crown Prince highlights importance of judicial reforms
October 16, 2007Supreme Council of Petroleum and Mineral Affairs renewed
October 15, 2007Fourth suspect in murder of French nationals arrested
October 12, 2007Saudi ambassador hosts morning Eid Al-Fitr prayers
October 11, 2007Saudi leadership calls for Muslim unity in Eid Al-Fitr address
October 08, 2007New bylaws issued for royal succession law
October 04, 2007Saudi Arabia to establish five new airports
October 03, 2007Saudi judicial system reorganized
October 03, 2007Saudi Arabia to host summit of OPEC leaders
October 03, 2007GCC denounces any plan to partition Iraq
October 03, 2007Saudi Gitmo returnees to be temporarily released for the Eid Al-Fitr
October 02, 2007King Abdullah chairs weekly Cabinet meeting
October 02, 2007Kingdom donates food baskets to displaced families in Lebanon
October 02, 2007Grand Mufti warns youths against traveling abroad for jihad
October 01, 2007King Abdullah meets with Lebanese mufti
October 01, 2007Large shipment of Saudi aid arrives in Pakistan
September 29, 2007World Bank ranks Saudi Arabia 23rd overall for ease of doing business
September 29, 2007Umrah visitors to the Kingdom warned not to overstay their visas
September 28, 2007Prince Saud meets with French foreign minister in New York
September 28, 2007King Abdullah congratulates new Japanese prime minister
September 28, 2007Foreign minister stresses urgency of resolving Arab-Israeli conflict
September 28, 2007Saudi aid handed over to the needy in southern Lebanon
September 27, 2007Prince Saud comments on Palestine conference in press briefing
September 26, 2007Annual SAMA report confirms Kingdom’s financial stability
September 26, 2007Prince Saud Al-Faisal discusses Iraq, peace process with Charlie Rose
September 26, 2007Saudi foreign minister attends UN General Assembly opening
September 25, 2007Oil Minister addresses high-level UN meeting on climate change
September 25, 2007Prince Saud meets with GCC foreign ministers in New York
September 25, 2007King Abdullah to Cabinet: National Day is a reminder of Saudi values
September 24, 2007Foreign minister meets with Secretary Rice, Arab Peace Initiative committee
September 23, 2007King Abdullah meets with Emir of Qatar
September 23, 2007Saudi Arabia celebrates 77th National Day
September 23, 2007Prince Saud highlights need for Iraqi unity in NPR interview
September 23, 2007Saudi foreign minister holds meetings in New York
September 21, 2007Saudi Arabia elected to IAEA Board of Governors
September 21, 2007Boeing wins $49.2 million contract to upgrade the Saudi AWACS fleet
September 19, 2007Saudi Embassy hosts iftar for Arab and Muslim ambassadors
September 19, 2007King Abdullah meets with Lebanese prime minister
September 19, 2007GCC foreign ministers to hold meetings on Palestine conference
September 18, 2007Cabinet: Somali agreement, new business visa rules
September 18, 2007Bechtel selected for massive Jeddah real estate project
September 17, 2007Somali leaders sign landmark peace agreement in Jeddah
September 17, 2007Fifth relief plane concludes the Saudi airlift to Mauritania
September 17, 2007Saudi Arabia confirms Eurofighter deal with Britain
September 14, 2007King Abdullah and Crown Prince Sultan receive Ramadan greetings
September 14, 2007Saudi Arabia donates dates to Sri Lanka
September 12, 2007Foreign Minister addresses regional crises in press briefing
September 12, 2007Ramadan begins September 13
September 12, 2007Saudi leadership urges unity, generosity in Ramadan address
September 12, 2007Foreign Minister: Kingdom to open an embassy in Iraq “soon”
September 11, 2007King Abdullah meets with Palestinian president
September 10, 2007King Abdullah receives Iran’s Minister of Intelligence and Security
September 10, 2007King Abdullah chairs weekly Cabinet meeting
September 10, 2007Third plane in Saudi airlift arrives in Mauritania
September 10, 2007King Abdullah condoles Algerian president on deadly bombing
September 10, 2007Palestinian president to meet with King Abdullah on Tuesday
September 10, 2007Nawaz Sharif returns to Saudi Arabia
September 08, 2007Saudi relief airlift to Mauritania begins
September 08, 2007Saudi Arabia denies reports of a Saudi-Syrian meeting in Damascus
September 07, 2007Saudi Embassy hosts reception for National Day
September 06, 2007Sixteen Guantanamo detainees repatriated to Saudi Arabia
September 06, 2007Arab Economic and Social Council meets in Cairo
September 05, 2007Kingdom denies reports that it supports Nawaz Sharif’s return to Pakistan
September 05, 2007New luggage facility at Jamarat to ease congestion during this year’s Hajj
September 04, 2007Ministry of Health announces contingency plans for this year’s Hajj
September 03, 2007King Abdullah meets with Middle East envoy Tony Blair
September 03, 2007Cabinet: Kingdom is closely following regional developments
September 02, 2007King Abdullah reviews Middle East with Egyptian president
September 01, 2007GCC foreign ministers conclude meeting in Jeddah
September 01, 2007King Abdullah approves new scholarships for medical professionals
September 01, 2007King Abdullah meets with Jordanian ruler for talks
August 31, 2007Ambassador hosts promotion ceremony for Defense Attaché
August 30, 2007Saudi airlift of relief supplies to Sudan concludes
August 30, 2007King Abdullah to meet with Jordanian monarch on Saturday
August 29, 2007Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission moves into new offices
August 29, 2007Farewell luncheon held for outgoing Saudi Cultural Attaché
August 29, 2007King Abdullah discusses Middle East with Turkish prime minister
August 28, 2007King Abdullah meets with MWL chief
August 28, 2007Term extended for Governor of Hail Province
August 28, 2007Saudi diplomatic mission arrives in Iraq
August 27, 2007King Abdullah chairs weekly Cabinet meeting
August 26, 2007Second Saudi relief plane dispatched to flood-hit Sudan
August 24, 2007Chinese-made toys, toothpaste removed from Saudi shelves
August 23, 2007Saudi Ambassador hosts luncheon for Saudi scholarship students
August 23, 2007Large shipment of Saudi relief aid to arrive in Pakistan this week
August 22, 2007Saudi relief organization constructs housing for Pakistan quake victims
August 22, 2007Fourth Saudi plane brings relief aid to Bangladesh
August 21, 2007Saudi Ambassador meets with Lebanese envoy in Washington
August 20, 2007Cabinet highlights Kingdom’s role in serving Muslims
August 20, 2007Third Saudi relief plane arrives in Bangladesh
August 19, 2007Saudi delegation tours flood-ravaged areas of Bangladesh
August 19, 2007Royal Court announces death of Princess Hissah bint Turki, 91
August 18, 2007Saudi appointed UN Special Humanitarian Envoy
August 18, 2007Foreign Minister undergoes successful surgery in New York
August 17, 2007Saudi Arabia decries “repugnant” remarks by Syria’s vice president
August 17, 2007Saudi Arabia sends urgent humanitarian aid to Sudan and Mauritania
August 17, 2007Saudi women participate in Washington leadership program
August 16, 2007Ambassador Al-Jubeir meets with incoming and outgoing Defense Attachés
August 16, 2007Saudi authorities expand HIV/AIDS awareness campaign
August 16, 2007Second Saudi relief plane delivers aid to Bangladesh
August 15, 2007Chechen president visits Saudi Arabia
August 15, 2007King Abdullah washes the Holy Ka’abah
August 15, 2007KAUST names the US-based Woods Hole as its first research partner
August 13, 2007Saudi humanitarian aid sent to Bangladesh
August 13, 2007Cabinet meeting focuses on regional crises
August 12, 2007Interior Minister lists major crimes that will result in arrest
August 11, 2007Holy Ka’abah to be washed August 14
August 11, 2007King Abdullah receives message from Sudan’s president
August 09, 2007Kingdom provides urgent relief aid to flood-ravaged Bangladesh
August 09, 2007King Abdullah confers with leaders of Egypt and Yemen on Middle East
August 08, 2007New Saudi university to be world-class science and research facility
August 08, 2007UN monitoring team seeks to benefit from Saudi anti-terrorism program
August 07, 2007Prince Saud comments on Palestine conference, diplomatic delegation to Iraq
August 06, 2007Hajj pilgrims to begin arriving October 21
August 06, 2007Saudi stock exchange makes gains in July
August 06, 2007King Abdullah chairs weekly Cabinet meeting in Jeddah
August 06, 2007Kingdom donates medical aid to Lebanon, dates to Djibouti
August 04, 2007King Abdullah and Iranian president discuss Middle East situation
August 04, 2007European Commission approves SABIC’s purchase of GE Plastics
August 01, 2007Prince Saud: Kingdom welcomes international conference on Palestine
August 01, 2007Secretaries Rice and Gates depart the Kingdom after two-day visit
August 01, 2007King Abdullah meets with US Secretaries of State and Defense
July 31, 2007Arab foreign ministers meet with Secretary of State Rice
July 30, 2007Cabinet meeting highlights recent official visits, approval of agreements
July 30, 2007Saudi Arabia and Egypt sign agreement on political consultation
July 29, 2007Prince Saud attends four-way meeting on Lebanon
July 29, 2007Saudi-Kuwaiti talks focus on Palestine, Iraq and Lebanon
July 28, 2007OIC Secretary-General condemns suicide attack on Islamabad mosque
July 28, 2007King Abdullah meets with President Musharraf of Pakistan
July 27, 2007Kingdom donates flour, school supplies and dates to Pakistan
July 27, 2007Pakistani President Musharraf departs for Saudi Arabia
July 26, 2007Saudi Development Fund financed projects worth $322 million in 2006
July 25, 2007Cameroonian twins leave the Kingdom after successful separation surgery
July 25, 2007SAGIA: Foreign investment in Saudi Arabia has grown over the last 3 years
July 25, 2007King Abdullah condoles Afghan president on death of former king
July 25, 2007Saudi soccer team advances to Asian Cup final with victory over Japan
July 25, 2007Saudi Ambassador hosts farewell luncheon for US official
July 24, 2007King Abdullah to visit Britain in October
July 24, 2007King Abdullah congratulates Turkish prime minister on AKP’s election win
July 23, 2007King Abdullah reviews Middle East developments with Egyptian president
July 23, 2007King Abdullah chairs weekly Cabinet meeting
July 23, 2007Kingdom congratulates new Indian president
July 21, 2007Fire at Aramco’s Ras Tanura facility quickly contained; operations unaffected
July 21, 2007Crown Prince Sultan meets with Sudan’s defense minister
July 21, 2007Saudi field hospital staff leave Pakistan after two years
July 19, 2007King Abdullah condoles Brazilian president on fatal plane crash
July 19, 2007King Abdullah confers with Jordanian monarch on Middle East issues
July 18, 2007GCC chief urges the US to play a fair, balanced role in the peace process
July 17, 2007Saudi Arabia welcomes President Bush’s Middle East initiative
July 17, 2007King Abdullah stresses need for Middle East peace in call with President Bush
July 17, 2007S&P raises Saudi Arabia’s credit ratings to AA-
July 16, 2007Cabinet reviews key regional issues
July 16, 2007Sixteen Saudi detainees repatriated from Guantanamo Bay
July 15, 2007NSHR turns to TV to increase public awareness of human rights issues
July 15, 2007Kingdom constructs 1,500 houses for Pakistani earthquake victims
July 15, 2007Suspect arrested in February murder of French expatriates
July 15, 2007King Abdullah receives messages from Arab leaders, meets with Lebanese MP
July 14, 2007KBR awarded contract for Ras Tanura Integrated Project
July 14, 2007King Abdullah receives messages from leaders of Mauritania, Oman
July 11, 2007IBD approves $11 million assistance for Darfur
July 11, 2007Riyadh region's construction sector registers 7.1% growth
July 11, 2007Prince Nayef, Al-Rafaie review security cooperation
July 11, 2007Prince Nayef meets with Somali Prime Minister
July 09, 2007King Abdullah chairs weekly Cabinet's session
July 08, 2007Entire Grand Mosque in Makkah to be fitted for air conditioning
July 08, 2007King Abdullah meets with Somali prime minister, Arab League chief
July 07, 2007OIC condemns suicide attack on Spanish tourists in Yemen
July 07, 2007Term extended for SAMA Vice Governor
July 07, 2007King Abdullah consults with British leader, US official
July 07, 2007Crown Prince Sultan meets with Qatari Prime Minister
July 06, 2007Foreign minister calls for peaceful resolution to Iranian nuclear issue
July 06, 2007GCC foreign ministers issue final communiqué for Jeddah meeting
July 05, 2007Saudi financial aid distributed to Palestinian refugees in Lebanon
July 05, 2007Arab Tourism Bank to be established
July 05, 2007GCC Foreign Ministers meet in Jeddah
July 04, 2007King Abdullah congratulates President Bush on Independence Day
July 03, 2007King Abdullah extends term for Deputy General President of Youth Welfare
July 03, 2007Saudi conjoined twins successfully separated at KAMC
July 02, 2007Kingdom’s non-oil exports increase to $2.16 billion in April 2007
July 02, 2007OIC urges aid for victims of heavy flooding in Pakistan
July 02, 2007Cabinet briefed on King Abdullah’s recent visits
July 01, 2007King Abdullah renews terms for senior officials, makes new appointments
July 01, 2007Conjoined twins from Cameroon out of intensive care
July 01, 2007Interior Minister briefs Shura Council on counterterrorism efforts
June 30, 2007King Abdullah meets with Lebanese prime minister
June 30, 2007Saudi leadership congratulates new British prime minister
June 29, 2007Saudi tourism chief visits Spain to discuss restoring historic palaces
June 29, 2007Saudi students attend summer program at Kansas State University
June 29, 2007GCC welcomes appointment of Tony Blair as Middle East envoy
June 28, 2007King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud Residential City launched in Jordan
June 28, 2007King Abdullah concludes visit to Jordan
June 27, 2007King Abdullah gives wide-ranging interview to Al-Rai
June 27, 2007King Abdullah arrives in Jordan for state visit
June 27, 2007Saudi-Egyptian talks focus on the Middle East, Lebanon
June 27, 2007Saudi Arabia introduces new centralized payment system
June 26, 2007King Abdullah holds talks with Polish president
June 26, 2007Cabinet approves UN protocols on organized crime
June 25, 2007Cabinet calls on Palestinians to resolve their differences and unify
June 25, 2007Foreign Minister discusses key regional issues with Amr Moussa
June 25, 2007King Abdullah visits Poland
June 24, 2007King Abdullah to pay historic visit to Poland
June 24, 2007King Abdullah confers with leaders of Yemen, Britain
June 24, 2007Prince Sultan dialysis center opened in Djibouti
June 23, 2007Foreign Minister: Talks in Spain, France focused on key regional issues
June 23, 2007Crown Prince Sultan receives message from Yemeni president
June 23, 2007HP and Khobar-based Al-Bilad Arabia agree to a strategic partnership
June 22, 2007Saudi team visits Guantanamo detainees
June 21, 2007OIC committee on Palestine condemns recent events in Gaza
June 21, 2007King Abdullah meets with French president in Paris
June 21, 2007Interior Minister urges imams to confront deviant ideology
June 21, 2007Saudi airline inks $500 million deal with Dassault Aviation
June 20, 2007Merrill Lynch receives banking license to operate in Saudi Arabia
June 20, 2007King Abdullah concludes state visit to Spain
June 19, 2007King Abdullah inaugurates Saudi-Spanish investment fund
June 19, 2007Madani participates in Arab delegation to promote peace in Lebanon
June 19, 2007Prince Saud Al-Faisal addresses key regional issues on CNN International
June 19, 2007Kingdom offers condolences on death of former Austrian president
June 18, 2007Kingdom to establish new war college
June 18, 2007OIC expresses concern at deteriorating situation in Palestine
June 18, 2007Saudi-Jordanian trade totals $3 billion for 2006
June 18, 2007King Abdullah begins official visit to Spain
June 18, 2007King Abdullah expresses concern about regional instability in El Pais interview
June 17, 2007King Abdullah to kick off five-nation tour with visit to Spain
June 17, 2007Crown Prince meets with US Ambassador
June 17, 2007Interior Minister discusses Lebanon, Iran, Iraq in press conference
June 16, 2007MWL expresses sorrow at events in the Palestinian territories
June 16, 2007Arab League delegation to seek resumption of national dialogue in Lebanon
June 16, 2007UN Secretary-General praises Saudi efforts to promote peace and stability
June 15, 2007Saudi Aramco attends London's Geoscientists Conference
June 15, 2007Prince Saud calls on Palestinians to end fighting
June 15, 2007Saudi-Kuwati group invests in Pakistan
June 15, 2007King Abdullah donates $10 million for refugees in Lebanon
June 14, 2007Envoy, Minister review Saudi-Yemeni development projects
June 14, 2007GCC Chief meets Australian Minister for Trade
June 13, 2007Saudi Arabia donates $2 million to Niger for humanitarian assistance
June 13, 2007Dr. Al-Assaf chairs OPEC Fund for International Development meeting
June 13, 200710th Arab Conference on combating terrorism begins
June 12, 2007Crown Prince leads prayer service for Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Abdulmohsin Altuwaijri
June 12, 2007Crown Prince Sultan chairs Cabinet session
June 12, 2007National plan for communications and information technology announced
June 12, 2007UAE Minister meets with Pakistan's Prime Minister to discuss trade and bilateral relations
June 12, 2007Technical and vocational training agreement provide opportunities for youth
June 12, 2007Prince Khalid bin Sultan honored for ocean conservation efforts
June 11, 2007Saudi Arabia and Chad sign security agreement
June 11, 2007Saudi Aramco plans for 75th year anniversary
June 07, 2007King Abdullah offers aid to Oman
June 06, 2007Saudi relief aid reaches northern Lebanon
June 06, 2007Saudi Arabia prepares for tropical cyclone Gonu
June 06, 2007Al-Hariri meets with Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon
June 06, 2007The Saudi Arabian Association for Family and Society Medicine concludes meeting
June 05, 2007Weekly cabinet session summary
June 05, 2007Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz hosts meeting for the Saudi Arabian Association for Life Sciences
June 05, 2007Six Saudi members join Asian Olympic Council
June 05, 2007Shoura Council holds meeting
June 05, 2007Saudi Cultural Day activities begin in Russia
June 05, 2007Ministers of Industry attend GCC conference
June 04, 2007Saudi Arabia participates in World Environment Day
June 04, 2007Egypt's trade with Arab states increases by 195 percent
June 01, 2007Saudi aid organization launches new housing project in Lebanon
June 01, 2007The Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Charity Foundation donates housing
May 31, 2007Saudi inventors win prizes at 35th International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva
May 31, 2007SABIC focuses on Asian development
May 31, 2007Farmers honored in Tabuk
May 31, 2007Madinah community and Centenary fund raise $2.6 million for business development
May 31, 2007Distribution of non-oil product exports grows
May 30, 2007GCC works toward unified currency
May 30, 2007New companies licensed
May 29, 2007Crown Prince Sultan meets with award-winning Saudi science student
May 29, 2007Crown Prince Sultan receives messages from leaders of Bahrain, Romania
May 29, 2007Travelers to Saudi Arabia required to declare cash, jewelry
May 27, 2007GCC Secretary-General condemns attacks on Palestinians
May 25, 2007Arab Interior Ministers Council calls for disaster management cooperation
May 25, 2007Crown Prince Sultan forms committee to study services for the disabled
May 24, 2007King Abdullah meets with Vice President of the United Arab Emirates
May 23, 2007Saudi historians honored
May 23, 2007Saudi TV airs confessions by militants plotting to raid a Jeddah prison
May 22, 2007Prince Alwaleed donates to UNRWA for physician training in Gaza
May 22, 2007Arab League chief comments on support for the Arab Peace Initiative
May 21, 2007Interior Minister comments on recent GCC ministerial meeting
May 21, 2007Shura Council holds weekly meeting
May 21, 2007King Abdullah receives call from Sudanese president
May 21, 2007Cabinet condemns violence in Lebanon
May 21, 2007GCC team meets with IAEA experts in Riyadh
May 21, 2007SABIC to buy GE Plastics for $11.6 billion
May 20, 2007Details released about two new oil wells discovered in the Eastern Province
May 20, 2007Prince Nayef chairs meeting of GCC interior ministers in Riyadh
May 20, 2007Saudi teen wins prestigious science prize at international fair
May 19, 2007Saudi Arabia and Morocco sign number of agreements during the King’s visit
May 19, 2007King Abdullah and King Mohamed of Morocco issue joint communiqué
May 18, 2007Kingdom wins permanent seat on the WMO Executive Board
May 18, 2007King Abdullah holds talks with King Mohamed VI of Morocco
May 18, 2007Crown Prince Sultan performs funeral prayers for two princesses
May 18, 2007OIC foreign ministers meet in Islamabad
May 17, 2007Governors of Makkah and Asir Provinces sworn in
May 17, 2007SWCC, Saudi Aramco sign MoU on desalination technology
May 17, 2007Alfaisal University announces new curriculum
May 17, 2007King Abdullah begins official visit to Morocco
May 16, 2007Governors of Makkah and Asir Provinces appointed
May 16, 2007Fifth Saudi-Yemeni Joint Commission concludes in Riyadh
May 16, 2007GCC Secretary-General urges Palestinian leaders to halt the violence
May 16, 2007Saudi students participate in international science fair in New Mexico
May 16, 2007Terms of service extended for Saudi officials
May 15, 2007GCC leaders meet in Riyadh
May 15, 2007Saudi Arabia donates school supplies to Pakistani students
May 15, 2007New oil fields discovered in the Eastern Province
May 14, 2007Kingdom donates an additional $9 million to UNRWA project in Rafah
May 14, 2007OIC foreign ministers to meet in Islamabad tomorrow
May 14, 2007Cabinet highlights Saudi policies on Iraq, Palestine
May 14, 2007Saudi-UAE Forum begins in Riyadh
May 13, 2007King Abdullah returns to Riyadh after inspection tour of the northern provinces
May 12, 2007King Abdullah holds talks with Vice President Cheney
May 12, 2007King Abdullah launches major development projects in Tabuk
May 12, 2007Aramco, Dow agree to build chemicals complex in Saudi Arabia
May 11, 2007King Abdullah concludes royal tour with visit to Tabuk
May 10, 2007King Abdullah launches development projects in Al-Jouf
May 09, 2007Cabinet: Royal tour, Iraq, Sudanese-Chadian accord
May 09, 2007King Abdullah continues tour of the north with visit to Al-Jouf
May 09, 2007King Abdullah continues tour of the north with visit to Al-Jouf
May 09, 2007Oil Minister addresses Euromoney Saudi Arabia Conference 2007
May 08, 2007King Abdullah attends festival in Arar
May 08, 2007Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal dies at 85
May 08, 2007GCC, EU foreign ministers meet in Riyadh
May 07, 2007King begins tour of northern provinces with visit to Arar
May 07, 2007Funeral prayers peformed for Makkah Governor Prince Abdulmajeed
May 05, 2007Governor of Makkah Prince Abdulmajeed bin Abdulaziz dies
May 05, 2007Foreign Minister meets with the US Ambassador-designate to Saudi Arabia
May 05, 2007Ambassador Al-Jubeir meets with Saudi students in Washington
May 04, 2007Conference of Iraq’s neighboring countries concludes in Egypt
May 04, 2007Oil Minister highlights Saudi oil and gas policies in AEF address
May 04, 2007Foreign Minister attends Quartet meeting on the Arab Peace Initiative
May 03, 2007King Abdullah meets with president of Chad
May 03, 2007Sudan and Chad sign reconciliation agreement in Saudi Arabia
May 03, 2007Foreign Minister expresses concern with the deteriorating situation in Iraq
May 03, 2007King Abdullah to launch Saudi-Egyptian causeway this week
May 03, 2007Foreign Minister meets with Secretary Rice in Sharm El-Sheikh
May 02, 2007Saudi-Japanese Joint Committee pledges to expand economic ties
May 02, 2007Energy roundtable of Asian ministers meets in Riyadh
May 01, 2007Ninth Saudi-Japanese Joint Committee meets in Riyadh
May 01, 2007King Abdullah meets with Afghan, Japanese officials
May 01, 2007Ma’aden, Alcan Primary Metal Group sign $7 billion joint venture agreement
April 30, 2007Cabinet lauds successful Saudi counterterrorism operations
April 29, 2007Palestinian president, Swiss state secretary visit Saudi Arabia
April 28, 2007Interior Minister: Kingdom’s counterterrorism efforts remain ongoing
April 28, 2007King Abdullah meets with Japanese prime minister
April 28, 2007King Abdullah receives call from Palestinian president
April 27, 2007Saudi security forces foil major terrorist plots
April 25, 2007Kingdom unveils 2nd UN Development Goals report
April 25, 2007First Saudi-made UAV flight tested at King Abdulaziz University
April 25, 2007Conjoined twins from Cameroon in stable condition after separation surgery
April 25, 2007Saudi Arabia finances study abroad for Palestinian students
April 25, 2007Term of office extended for senior Cabinet adviser
April 24, 2007Kingdom offers condolences on the death of former Russian President Yeltsin
April 23, 2007Cabinet calls for Iraqi unity, condemns ongoing violence
April 23, 2007Interior Minister: New list of most wanted militants may be issued
April 22, 2007Italian Prime Minister concludes visit to Saudi Arabia
April 22, 2007Saudi leadership condoles President Bush on Virginia Tech massacre
April 22, 2007Conjoined twins from Cameroon successfully separated
April 21, 2007King Abdullah holds talks with Italian prime minister
April 21, 2007S&P ratings for Saudi banks to remain the same despite decline in profits
April 21, 2007King Abdullah donates $2 million for ISESCO headquarters
April 21, 2007Jubail Water & Electricity Company to be established
April 20, 2007Arab League forms subcommittees to promote Arab Peace Initiative
April 20, 2007Islamic Saudi Academy celebrates Heritage Day
April 19, 2007Eight arrested in connection with the Feb. 26 murder of French expatriates
April 18, 2007King Abdullah launches 1,800 development projects in Riyadh
April 18, 2007Saudi Arabia considering cancelling 80% of Iraq's debt
April 18, 2007King Abdullah discusses Middle East issues in call with Jordanian monarch
April 18, 2007King Abdullah calls for dialogue among civilizations in Russian TV interview
April 17, 2007Saudi Arabia begins massive education overhaul
April 17, 2007Embassy offers condolences on Virginia Tech massacre
April 17, 2007الطلبة السعوديين في جامعة فيرجينيا بخير
April 17, 2007King Faisal International Prizes for 2007 awarded
April 17, 2007Six Saudi satellites launched successfully into space
April 16, 2007Crown Prince highlights wildlife conservation efforts
April 16, 2007Saudi students to attend international science fair in the US
April 16, 2007Conjoined twins from Cameroon to be separated April 21
April 16, 2007Cabinet welcomes King Abdullah’s policy address to the Shura Council
April 16, 2007King Abdullah informed about agreement on Darfur
April 15, 2007Finance Minister addresses IMF committee
April 15, 2007Crown Prince, Oil Minister meet with President of Turkmenistan
April 14, 2007Kingdom condemns bombings in Algeria, Morocco
April 14, 2007King Abdullah delivers annual policy address to the Shura Council
April 13, 2007Minister of Finance to participate in 2007 IMF/World Bank meeting
April 12, 2007King Abdullah to deliver key policy speech Saturday
April 12, 2007Fifteen new colleges to be established in the Kingdom
April 11, 2007King Abdullah meets with IAEA chief
April 11, 2007Plan aims to triple the number of Saudi women in the workforce by 2009
April 11, 2007Foreign Minister highlights strength of Saudi-US relations in ABC interview
April 09, 2007Cabinet praises security forces for counterterrorism efforts
April 09, 2007Saudi authorities have foiled over 100 terrorist plots
April 09, 2007Saudi medical aid to Palestinians totals more than $35 million
April 08, 2007Interior Minister speaks out on wanted militants
April 08, 2007Yemen extradites 18 Saudi nationals to the Kingdom
April 08, 2007Shura Council praises Saudi security efforts, receives IIE delegation
April 08, 2007New dental college to be established in the Kingdom
April 06, 2007Prince Mishaal bin Abdullah appointed advisor to the Crown Prince
April 06, 2007Suspect in murder of French citizens killed in gunbattle with Saudi authorities
April 06, 2007Moody’s gives SABIC an A1 rating
April 05, 2007Speaker Pelosi meets with Shura Council chairman
April 05, 2007Work begins on Saudi-financed housing project for women in Hebron
April 04, 2007GCC Secretary-General welcomes Iranian release of 15 British sailors
April 04, 2007Finance Minister signs railway contracts worth $1.9 billion
April 04, 2007King Abdullah meets with Speaker Pelosi at his Janadriyah ranch
April 04, 2007Kingdom hosts international medical conferences
April 04, 2007Plans underway for monorail to link Makkah’s holy sites
April 02, 2007Foreign minister holds press conference on Arab League Summit
April 02, 2007Cabinet welcomes the outcome of the 19th Arab League Summit
April 01, 2007New investment company established
April 01, 2007Saudi leaders meet with CENTCOM chief
April 01, 2007Shura Council welcomes successful Arab League summit
March 31, 2007Finance Minister, French official discuss bilateral investment relations
March 31, 2007Saudi Arabia and Kenya sign a wide-ranging agreement for cooperation
March 31, 2007GCC Secretary-General urges Iran to release detained British sailors
March 31, 2007Saudi and Iranian officials meet on culture, media cooperation
March 30, 2007Joint ventures to expand refining, petrochemical production
March 29, 2007Final Statement from the 19th Summit of the League of Arab States
March 28, 2007King Abdullah, Prime Minister Siniora hold private meeting
March 28, 2007King Abdullah receives Arab leaders attending the Arab Summit
March 28, 2007Prince Mansour bin Nassir bin Abdulaziz appointment
March 28, 2007New Mayor of Makkah appointed
March 28, 2007Study shows sharp rise in breast cancer to near-epidemic levels
March 28, 2007King Abdullah calls for greater cooperation to solve Arab issues
March 28, 2007Prince Saud meets with Lebanese president and Arab League Secretary General Mousa
March 28, 2007King Abdullah meet with Lebanese prime minister
March 28, 2007King Abdullah holds talk on Darfur with Sudan's Al-Bashir
March 27, 2007World leaders continue to arrive in Riyadh for Arab Summit
March 27, 2007King Abdullah meets with Syrian President
March 26, 2007King Abdullah welcomes Arab leader to Riyadh Arab Summit
March 26, 2007King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
March 26, 2007Ministers take oath of office
March 26, 2007Kingdom opens more economic sectors for foreign investments
March 26, 200719th Arab League Summit will begin Wednesday
March 26, 2007Arab Foreign Ministers hold preparatory meeting
March 26, 2007South Korean President concludes visit to Saudi Arabia
March 26, 2007Prince Saud denied secret meeting between Prince Bandar and Olmert
March 26, 2007Palestinians overwhelmingly support Arab Peace Initiative
March 26, 2007Arab Summit Starts on Wednesday
March 26, 2007Labor official clarifies age ban
March 26, 2007Somali Prime Minister arrives in Riyadh for Arab summit
March 25, 2007South Korean President visits Majlis Al-Shoura
March 25, 2007Saudi, South Korean ministers review petroleum, trade issues
March 25, 2007Arab Quartet foreign ministers, Rice hold meeting in Aswan
March 25, 2007Korean construction contracts expected to top $3 billion in 2007
March 25, 2007Cameroonian conjoined twins arrived in Riyadh for possible separation surgery
March 24, 2007Sign language workshop to help hearing-impaired
March 24, 2007King Abdullah, Korean President Roh hold summit
March 23, 2007SR 153 million allocated for training and educations centers in Baha
March 23, 2007Ministry of Agriculture issues statement on avian influenza
March 23, 2007Embassy Hosts Photo Exhibition
March 23, 20072005 killer of security officer identified
March 23, 2007King’s First Pilot Honored with Hart Award
March 23, 2007Speaker of Lebanese parliament lauds Kingdom’s role
March 22, 2007New appointments and extension of terms of office of government officials at Minister and Highest Rank
March 22, 2007King Abdullah renews terms of entire Cabinet
March 21, 2007King Abdullah co-chairs meeting with Jordan’s king
March 21, 2007King Abdullah host meeting of former conjoined twins
March 20, 2007King Abdullah receives Khaled Mashaal
March 20, 2007Saudi and U.S. officials discuss business ties
March 19, 2007Cameroonian conjoined twins to be brought to the Kingdom for possible surgery
March 19, 2007Cabinet meeting: Palestinian unity government, upcoming Arab League summit
March 18, 2007King Abdullah, King Hamad co-chair round of talks
March 18, 2007Website launched for Arab Summit
March 17, 2007King Abdullah congratulates Abbas, Haniyeh on formation of unity government
March 17, 2007Saudi ambassador distributes over 27 million Pakistani Rupees to orphanages
March 16, 2007Arab summit to attempt seek a Middle East from nuclear weapons
March 16, 2007King Abdullah receives telephone call from U.S. President
March 15, 2007King Abdulaziz University launches Kingdom’s first distance education program
March 15, 2007Saudi-Mongolian diplomatic relations established
March 15, 2007King Abdullah receives call from Palestinian president
March 14, 2007King Abdullah and Alawi hold talks
March 14, 2007Prince Saud meets King Abdullah II of Jordan
March 14, 2007King Abdullah, former Iraqi Prime Minister hold talks
March 14, 2007King Abdullah and South Africa’s Mibeki co-chair meeting
March 14, 2007Security chief warned officers against abuse of power
March 13, 2007Prince Saud, Javier Solana discuss region issues
March 12, 2007Saudi Ambassador meets with Saudi students from Iowa
March 12, 2007Cabinet welcomes Baghdad conference
March 12, 2007Vehicle used in February 26 attack recovered
March 12, 2007King Abdullah receives Barazani
March 12, 2007Embassy denies reports Ambassador Al-Jubeir met with Israeli official
March 10, 2007Saudi Arabia’s non-petroleum exports jump 28%
March 09, 2007Saudi Ambassador to Uruguay presents credentials
March 09, 2007Saudi female doctor honored by U.S. Department of State
March 09, 2007First scientific administrative cooperation agreement signed with Malaysia
March 09, 2007Lebanese Grand Mufti lauds efforts of King Abdullah
March 08, 2007UN Praises Saudi support for Palestinians
March 07, 2007Saudi and UNICEF officials meet to discuss aid projects for Lebanon
March 07, 2007Rare captive-bred gazelles successfully released into Saudi reserve
March 07, 2007Investigation into killing of French expatriates remains ongoing
March 06, 2007Saudi authorities arrest suspects in killing of French expatriates
March 05, 2007Cabinet welcomes upcoming Arab Summit in Riyadh
March 04, 2007Saudi-Iranian talks focus on Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine
March 04, 2007Mount Lebanon’s Mufti praises Saudi efforts to resolve regional crises
March 04, 2007King Abdullah invites leaders of Bahrain, Libya and Djibouti to Arab Summit
March 04, 2007Foreign Minister attends Arab League ministerial meeting in Cairo
March 03, 2007Islamic Jurisprudence Council condemns killing of French expatriates
March 03, 2007Iranian president pays first official visit to Saudi Arabia
March 01, 2007Saudi aid distributed in Guinea-Bissau, Sierra Leone
March 01, 2007King Abdullah invites leaders from Palestine, Iraq, Mauritania to summit
March 01, 2007Saudi Arabia establishes diplomatic relations with Botswana
February 28, 2007Saudi official denounces killing of French expatriates in the Kingdom
February 28, 2007King Abdullah issues more invitations to next month’s Arab Summit
February 27, 2007Ambassador Al-Jubeir presents his credentials to President Bush
February 27, 2007King Abdullah offers condolences on deaths of French citizens in Saudi Arabia
February 27, 2007King Abdullah holds talks with Egyptian president
February 26, 2007King Abdullah meets with Jordanian king for talks about Palestine, Iraq
February 26, 2007Three French nationals killed in attack in western Saudi Arabia
February 26, 2007King Abdullah continues preparations for upcoming Arab Summit
February 26, 2007Cabinet welcomes Quartet support for the Palestinian unity government
February 25, 2007King Abdullah invites Syrian, Omani leaders to attend Arab Summit
February 25, 2007Arab Child Health Conference opens in Riyadh
February 25, 2007King Abdullah receives call from French president
February 25, 2007Shura Council holds ordinary meeting
February 24, 2007King Abdullah meets with Turkish prime minister
February 24, 2007IDB establishes humanitarian fund to reduce poverty in the Muslim world
February 24, 2007Eighth Jeddah Economic Forum begins
February 24, 2007International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation opens in Jeddah
February 22, 2007Foreign Minister addresses Arab-Spanish conference in Madrid
February 22, 2007OIC Foreign Ministers urge global support for Palestinian unity government
February 22, 2007Saudi Aramco discovers new oil field in the Eastern Province
February 21, 2007OIC to hold extraordinary meeting on Israeli excavations near Al-Aqsa
February 21, 2007Seven Saudi Guantanamo detainees return to the Kingdom
February 21, 2007Saudi film to participate in New York Film Festival
February 21, 2007Ambassador Al-Jubeir presents a copy of his credentials to the State Department
February 19, 2007Saudi Arabia donates $1 million to WFP programs in Guinea
February 19, 2007Cabinet: Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon, Jenadriyah Festival
February 18, 2007Shura Council welcomes King Abdullah’s education development project
February 18, 2007King Abdullah meets with Saudi Human Rights Commission board
February 18, 2007Kingdom appoints new GCC Consultative Commission members
February 18, 2007Foreign Minister, Shura Council Chairman meet with US delegation
February 17, 2007King Abdullah discusses Middle East with Turkish prime minister
February 17, 2007Prince Saud meets with foreign ministers of Turkey, Oman
February 17, 2007King Abdullah receives guests attending the annual Jenadriyah Festival
February 16, 2007King Abdullah receives call from President Bush
February 16, 2007Royal order renews Grand Mufti’s term of office
February 15, 2007Arab Economic and Social Council meets in Cairo
February 15, 2007Iraq reopens embassy in Saudi Arabia after 17 years
February 14, 2007King Abdullah opens Jenadriyah Festival
February 14, 2007Foreign Minister holds regular briefing
February 13, 2007Kingdom establishes diplomatic relations with Antigua and Barbuda
February 13, 2007Crown Prince, Foreign Minister meet with officials
February 13, 2007Embassy hosts reception for Ambassador-designate Al-Jubeir
February 12, 2007Russian President Putin concludes visit to Saudi Arabia
February 12, 2007Cabinet welcomes the Makkah Agreement
February 12, 2007Ambassador-designate meets with Embassy personnel
February 12, 2007Two Saudi guards injured in border incident
February 11, 2007Russian President Putin arrives in the Kingdom for an official visit
February 11, 2007King Abdullah gives wide-ranging interview to Russia’s Itar-Tass
February 11, 2007Annual Jenadriyah Festival to begin February 14
February 10, 2007UN Secretary-General, Arab ambassadors praise Palestinian agreement
February 10, 2007Saudi-Yemeni anti-narcotics training course begins
February 09, 2007Shaimiev to receive King Faisal International Prize on Sunday
February 09, 2007Saudi Arabia praised for role in Palestinian unity agreement
February 09, 2007Ambassador-designate Adel Al-Jubeir arrives in Washington
February 08, 2007Palestinian leaders announce agreement in Makkah
February 08, 2007Kingdom condemns Israeli excavations around Al-Aqsa Mosque
February 07, 2007Palestinian leaders meet in Makkah
February 06, 2007King Abdullah meets with Palestinian leaders
February 06, 2007King Abdullah discusses Middle East issues with Yemeni president
February 06, 2007King Abdullah meets with Ambassador-designate Adel Al-Jubeir
February 06, 2007King Abdullah receives US counterterrorism official
February 06, 2007King Abdullah holds meeting with Palestinian president
February 05, 2007OIC appeals for aid to flood-stricken Indonesia
February 05, 2007Cabinet welcomes response to Kingdom’s offer to host Palestinian meeting
February 04, 2007Embassy hosts World Affairs Councils of America reception
February 04, 2007King Abdullah holds talks with German chancellor
February 04, 2007King Abdullah meets with UN High Commissioner for Refugees
February 03, 2007Prince Turki attends farewell receptions, events
February 03, 2007UN High Commissioner for Refugees visits the Kingdom
February 03, 2007Kingdom arrests 10 in crackdown on terror financing
February 01, 2007Saudi Arabia provides loans to Sri Lanka for medical projects
February 01, 2007Prince Turki meets with President Bush
January 31, 2007Prince Turki meets with Energy secretary, Joint Chiefs chairman
January 31, 2007Prince Saud meets with UN official on Iraq
January 31, 2007Foreign Ministry issues statement on death of Saudi businessman in Madagascar
January 31, 2007Arab Interior Ministers conclude meeting in Tunis
January 30, 2007King Abdullah receives message from Moroccan King
January 30, 2007Cabinet welcomes King Abdullah’s invitation to Palestinian leaders
January 30, 2007Prince Turki attends NUSACC farewell reception
January 30, 2007Foreign Minister holds press conference
January 30, 2007King Abdullah meets with US Ambassador to Iraq
January 29, 2007Shura Council, Grand Mufti welcome invitation to host Palestinian groups
January 29, 2007King Abdullah appoints Adel Al-Jubeir as ambassador to the United States
January 28, 2007Al-Samari appointed Secretary-General of the King Abdulaziz Foundation
January 28, 2007King Abdullah receives message from Omani Sultan
January 28, 2007King Abdullah invites Palestinian leaders to meet in Makkah
January 27, 2007King Abdullah discusses Saudi policy in Al-Siyassah interview
January 27, 2007Prince Turki meets with Saudi student clubs in Kansas
January 26, 2007Saudi Arabia to provide Lebanon with over $1 billion in aid
January 26, 2007King Abdullah receives message from Egyptian president
January 26, 2007Saudi Ambassador: Public diplomacy is more important than ever
January 25, 2007Oil Minister meets with Chinese official for talks
January 25, 2007Prince Turki honored by CAIR
January 25, 2007Foreign Minister discusses Lebanon, Iraq with Iranian counterpart
January 24, 2007Saudi Ambassador visits Alabama on outreach
January 24, 2007Kingdom to distribute 100,000 blankets in Pakistan
January 24, 2007OIC Secretary-General condemns violence in Lebanon
January 23, 2007Prince Turki speaks at George Washington University
January 23, 2007Saudi Embassy hosts reception for UNT president
January 23, 2007Kingdom to provide $2 million in aid to Mauritania
January 22, 2007Cabinet: Wishes for new Hijrah year, Iraq, Palestine
January 21, 2007King Abdullah holds talks with Pakistani president
January 21, 2007Prince Saud meets with NATO deputy secretary, IOM director-general
January 21, 2007Assistant Defense Minister meets with CENTCOM’s Air Force chief
January 21, 2007SABIC posts record profits for 2006
January 20, 2007King Abdullah meets with IOM director-general on tsunami relief project
January 20, 2007Saudi Ambassador discusses Islam and the West at American University
January 19, 2007Prince Turki attends congressional farewell reception
January 19, 2007Oil Minister addresses Petrotech 2007 in New Delhi
January 18, 2007Saudi Ambassador highlights Kingdom’s support for Iraq
January 17, 2007Saudi relief plane arrives in Indonesia
January 17, 2007Kingdom finances residential project in Sri Lanka
January 17, 2007King Faisal International Prize winners for 2007 announced
January 17, 2007King Abdullah meets with US Defense Secretary Gates
January 16, 2007Foreign Minister, Secretary Rice hold joint press conference on Saudi-US talks
January 16, 2007Kingdom not asked to mediate between Iran and the US
January 16, 2007King Abdullah holds talks with Secretary Rice
January 15, 2007Secretary of State Rice arrives in Riyadh
January 15, 2007Saudi-Irish talks deal with Palestine, Iraq
January 15, 2007Cabinet meeting focuses on Iraq and Lebanon
January 15, 2007Shoura Council session devoted to education
January 14, 2007King Abdullah receives message from Iranian president, Supreme Leader
January 14, 2007Kingdom provides aid to Indonesia, Bangladesh
January 13, 2007Foreign Minister comments on new US strategy for Iraq
January 13, 2007King Abdullah meets with Lebanese prime minister
January 13, 2007Update: Two pilgrim buses collide, killing 22
January 13, 2007King Faisal Prize to be awarded to President Shaimiev of Tatarstan
January 13, 2007Kingdom one of the top five donors to Somalia in 2006
January 12, 2007Saudi Ambassador meets with Utah Governor
January 12, 2007Saudi Ambassador highlights Saudi-US cooperation at University of Utah
January 12, 2007Al-Shalhoub appointed Deputy Chief of Royal Protocol
January 12, 2007Capt. Hindi to become Saudi Arabia’s first professional woman pilot
January 11, 2007Saudi Ambassador discusses Saudi-US relations at BYU
January 11, 2007King Abdullah receives call from President Bush
January 11, 2007Kingdom provides school supplies to Gaza students
January 10, 2007Interior Ministry: Hajj pilgrims can depart the Kingdom from any exit point
January 09, 2007Saudi Ambassador calls for understanding, cooperation on Middle East issues
January 09, 2007Foreign Minister meets with Harvard delegation, Icelandic dignitary
January 07, 2007Prince Saud Al-Faisal holds talks with French foreign minister
January 07, 2007Crown Prince Sultan: 72 Eurofighters to be delivered soon
January 06, 2007Crown Prince affirms Saudi support for preserving Iraqi unity
January 06, 2007Saudi stock index opens for 2007
January 06, 2007King Abdullah consults with Arab leaders
January 05, 2007King Abdullah discusses Middle East issues in call with Yemeni president
January 05, 2007Women appointed to top jobs at Ministry of Education
January 04, 2007King Abdullah condoles Indonesian president on plane crash
January 03, 2007King Abdullah condoles Indonesian president on sinking of ferry
January 03, 2007Royal Court announces passing of Princess Seetah bint Abdulmohsen
January 02, 2007Pilgrims move into Madinah before departing the Kingdom
January 01, 2007King Abdullah inspects the expansion project at Jeddah’s airport
January 01, 2007Hajj pilgrims leave Mina for Makkah
January 01, 2007WHO praises medical services for the Hajj