2006 Public Statement

Investor's Business Daily's editorial is appalling and irresponsible, says Information Director
a letter to the editor of Investor's Business Daily by Nail A. Al-Jubeir, Director of the Saudi Arabian Information Office in Washington DC published July 18, 2006

Your July 6 editorial entitled "Saudi Trojan Horse?" is not only erroneous but also an affront to the Saudi people. To characterize all Saudi citizens as terrorists is appalling and irresponsible. The logic used to denigrate the reputation of more than 20 million people because of the actions of a few is simply reckless. It breeds fear, misunderstanding and hatred among the people of two countries that have been partners and allies for more than 70 years.

Indeed, during this time, hundreds of thousands of Saudis have visited the United States for vacation, medical treatment and to see family and friends. In fact, a great many Saudi officials have been educated in this country, which, in my opinion, only serves to strengthen positive relations between us.

Saudi Arabia seeks to provide its citizens with the skills and opportunities to compete successfully and interact effectively with their peers in the global community -- especially now that the kingdom is a member of the World Trade Organization.

Furthermore, to impute the facts from the "28 embargoed pages" from the 9/11 Commission Report while ignoring its conclusions is a blatant act of censorship and cover up. The report declares: ". . . we have found no evidence that the Saudi government as an institution or senior Saudi officials individually funded the organization."

Responsible journalism requires that truth and sincerity trump sensationalism.