2006 News Story

Commerce Ministry announces plan to ensure affordable food for pilgrims

Minister of Commerce and Industry Hashem Yamani said today that his ministry has prepared a plan to meet pilgrims’ needs at the holy sites in Makkah and Madinah by making sure essential food items are available at affordable prices.

The plan includes: coordinating with merchants to ensure that essential food items are available; allowing 375 refrigerated trailers with food items at the holy sites; permitting 510 vendors to sell their goods at the sites; providing the pilgrims with meals – 4,050,000 to be distributed by companies and establishments, and an additional 4 million to be distributed by vendors and mobile food cars; and permitting 2,000 mobile food-storage cars at the holy sites.

In addition, the ministry will conduct field inspections of housing units to inspect both prices and cleanliness. Jewelry shops and fuel stations will also be inspected.