2006 News Story

Three slain militants identified as on the Kingdom’s most wanted list

In a statement today, the Ministry of Interior released the names of four of the five militants killed by Saudi security forces in Monday’s raid on an Al-Qaeda safehouse in Riyadh. Three of the militants were on the Kingdom’s list of 36 most wanted, including Al-Qaeda's leader in Saudi Arabia, and three were linked to last week’s attack on the Abqaiq oil facility.  

The three militants identified as members of Al-Qaeda who were on the Kingdom’s list of 36 most wanted released in June 2005 are: Al-Qaeda leader in Saudi Arabia Fahd Farraj Mohammed Aljuwair, No. 2 on the list, who had spent time in Afghanistan; computer expert Ibrahim Abdullah Ibrahim Almateer, No. 11; and Abdullah Mohayya Shalash Asilaiti Alshammari, No. 15, who assisted Al-Qaeda with transportation. Abdullah Alshammari had been detained by Saudi authorities in the past but was released after he and his family promised to distance themselves from extremism.

The Ministry noted that Fahd Aljuwair, Abdullah Alshammari and a fourth slain militant, Jaffal bin Rafie bin Mazhour Alshammari, were involved in last week’s attack on the Abqaiq oil refinery.

The name of the fifth militant will be released once the identification process has been completed, the Ministry said.

In the statement, the Ministry provided more details about Monday’s raid on the Riyadh safehouse. The investigation into the Abqaiq attack led security forces to a safehouse in the Al-Yarmouk neighborhood of Riyadh, which militants used as a base. Early on Monday, security forces besieged the house and exchanged fire with the five militants, who were armed with machine guns and hand grenades. The militants barricaded themselves behind two cars, one of which was later identified as having been used in the attack on Abqaiq. After a short time, security forces killed the five militants and ended the standoff.

In the safehouse, Saudi authorities seized weapons, ammunition, supplies, explosives, money, documents and other items. Forensic tests revealed that some of the weapons and a car that were found at the house had been used in the Abqaiq attack.