2006 News Story

King Abdullah outlines policy in address to Shura Council

  King Abdullah addresses Shura Council

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz addressed the opening session of the Shura Council at its headquarters in Riyadh today.

In his remarks, King Abdullah outlined Saudi Arabia’s domestic and foreign policy.

Saudi Arabia will continue to promote unity among Arabs and Muslims and support just Arab causes, particularly the rights of the Palestinians, the King said. Saudi Arabia is part of the international community and its policy will remain based on cooperation and world peace.

Regarding oil, the King said that Saudi Arabia would continue its moderate policy on production and prices to protect the global economy from sudden shocks.

Turning to domestic policy, King Abdullah said that Saudi Arabia would continue to seek comprehensive development for its citizens, ensuring that housing, work, education, medical care, and utilities are accessible.

The Kingdom will fight poverty and focus on areas of the Kingdom that have not seen their share or development with well-thought-out new development plans, he said.

“We cannot stand still while the world around us changes,” King Abdullah said. “Hence, we will continue the process of development, national dialogue, economic liberalization, corruption fighting, bureaucracy elimination, raising governmental work efficiency and utilizing efforts of all sincere working men and women. All of this will take place within a framework of moderate graduation in line with wishes of the society and Islam.”

King Abdullah also stressed Saudi Arabia’s resolve to eradicate terrorism, noting that there is no place in the Kingdom for extremism.

“Development can only be achieved in a climate of security and safety. So, we reiterate our resolve to annihilate the deviant group of murderous terrorists and fight the deviant thought with a sound one,” King Abdullah said. “There is no room in the country of the Two Holy Mosques for extremism. We are a moderate nation which is distanced from extremism or immoderation.”

At the conclusion of his remarks, King Abdullah praised the Shura Council for its sage advice that has aided the country’s development.

Link to a transcript of the King's address