2006 News Story

Saudi Ambassador speaks at KSU as part of listening tour

Saudi Ambassador Prince Turki Al-Faisal gave an address on “Saudi Faith, Nation and Identity” at the Kansas State University Saudi student club in Manhattan, Kansas today. The ambassador is currently on a tour throughout the US to listen to and address Americans’ questions about Saudi Arabia and its place in the global community.

Prince Turki outlined the major development the Kingdom has undergone in recent years – accession to the World Trade Organization, broadened political participation, and new education initiatives designed to prepare young Saudis for life and work in the global economy.

As Saudi Arabia continues to build its society and move forward into the global community, it will do so in a manner consistent with its traditions and faith, and at a pace that is not disruptive to society, Prince Turki said.

“As Saudi Arabia moves forward as a nation, our growth will be rooted firmly in our heritage and faith,” Prince Turki said. “As we align ourselves ever more closely with the global community, our citizens will continue to share and learn about the world around them, as we hope others can share and learn and appreciate our culture.”

Prince Turki also said that Saudi Arabia continues to work very closely with the United States to find solutions to many complex issues facing the world today, including the war on terrorism, peace in the Middle East, and a stable energy market.

Prince Turki has already traveled to Texas, Arizona, Massachusetts, New York, and Georgia, speaking before various groups and organizations.  Most recently, he visited California and Washington State, where he met with community members in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle.  Prince Turki will continue his tour during the coming months in Michigan, Illinois, Tennessee, and Kentucky.

Transcript of Prince Turki's remarks