2006 News Story

Saudi security forces arrest 5 militants linked to Abqaiq attack

Saudi security forces have arrested five militants in connection with the failed attack on the Abqaiq oil facility on February 24, the Ministry of Interior said in a statement today.

The arrests were made during a follow-up operation to earlier raids. At the militants’ hiding place in the Al-Sulay neighborhood of Riyadh, security forces seized a number of items, including: 123 bags of explosives weighing more than one and a half tons; three cars and forged license plates; 16 hand guns; 5 machine guns; 3 rifles; assorted ammunition; communications devices; documents; cameras; a computer; and 2 video cameras.

Security forces also seized a number of videotapes that show the true intentions of those who have abused their religion and homeland and made themselves tools of destruction in the hands of enemies, the statement said.

The video footage showed militants making explosives using different tools, wiring the two cars that were used in the Abqaiq attack with explosives, and driving the cars to the Abqaiq facility where they carried out their attack.

The investigation remains ongoing, the statement added.