2006 News Story

Saudi Arabia investigating reports two most wanted were killed in Iraq

Saudi Arabia can not confirm reports posted on a militant website affiliated to al-Qaeda that two Chadian on the Kingdom’s list of 36 most wanted terrorists and presumed to be outside the Kingdom, have been killed in Iraq.

Ministry of Interior spokesman Lt. Gen. Mansour Al-Turki told the London-based Saudi daily Asharq Al-Awsat that the government can not confirm reports posted on the website of the Mujahideen Council in Iraq late Saturday and that the Kingdom does not trust reports published on the internet.  Al-Turki said the Kingdom is investigating the claims but added that Saudi Arabia would continue to track the terrorists until it obtains sold evidence that they have either been killed or captured.

Reports alleged that Manoor Mohammed Yousef, No 17 on the list, and Othman Mohammed Hasan Korati, No. 18, were killed in Iraq.

In June 2005, Al-Qaeda in Iraq announced the death of Abdullah Mohammad Rashid Alroshood, number 18 on the most-wanted list issued in December 2003.  The claim could not be independently confirmed and Alroshood remains on the list.