2006 News Story

Saudi Ambassador discusses leadership at GWU

  Prince Turki Al-Faisal

Saudi Ambassador to the US Prince Turki Al-Faisal gave an address on Saudi Arabia’s global leadership role at George Washington University in Washington, DC today.

Prince Turki noted Saudi Arabia’s role as the birthplace of Islam and the largest economy in the Middle East, as well as the fact that it possesses of the world’s largest proven oil reserves. And perhaps most importantly, Saudi Arabia is a leader in the war on terrorism, he said.

The ambassador also outlined Saudi Arabia’s efforts to seek a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the Kingdom’s commitment to helping developing nations build stable economic growth.

Finally, he discussed the importance of nations and cultures working to understand each other better, and outlined steps Saudi Arabia is taking to correct misunderstandings about the Kingdom, its culture and people. In particular, Saudi Arabia has launched a scholarship program to send thousands of Saudi students abroad so that they will both learn about different cultures and educate others about Saudi Arabia.

Fundamentally, leadership is about global cooperation, Prince Turki commented. “I believe, that when we talk about leadership, it is not really about one person or one nation directing others,” the ambassador remarked. “In truth, leadership is about bringing many people and nations together. It is about the type of cooperation we can secure among many parties. This way we can all contribute to solving the problems that affect us all in this global community.”

Transcript of Prince Turki’s remarks