2006 News Story

Saudi Aramco releases oil, gas figures for 2005

Saudi Aramco has disclosed the following key figures from its annual report for 2005:

Recoverable crude oil and condensate reserves are estimated at 259.8 billion barrels. In 2005, average crude oil production per day was 9.1 million barrels. Annual crude oil production was 3.3 billion barrels.

Gas reserves are estimated at 239.5 trillion standard cubic feet. Average gas production per day in 2005 was 7.87 billion standard cubic feet (raw gas to gas plants). Annual gas production was 2.87 trillion standard cubic feet (raw gas to gas plants).

Average natural gas liquids (NGL) production per day was 1.1 million barrels. Annual NGL production was 400.4 million barrels.

In 2005, there were new oil fields discovered in Du’ayban, Halfa and Muraiqib. New gas fields were discovered in Fazran and Midrikah.

There were 212 new oil wells and 20 new gas wells completed. Total recompletions were 84 onshore and 26 offshore.

There were 126 total workovers in 2005. The total number of oil well workovers was 119, 95 onshore wells and 24 offshore wells. There were 7 gas well workovers.