2006 News Story

Madani reiterates Saudi support for Lebanon in OIC meeting

Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Nizar Madani today strongly condemned the Israeli attacks on Lebanon and Palestine and warned that the situation could turn into a wider war whose consequences cannot be anticipated.

Madani made the remarks in an address at today’s executive committee meeting of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) in Malaysia. The emergency meeting was called to discuss the crisis in Lebanon.

 “Saudi Arabia is following with concern and strong condemnation the Israeli brutal aggressions against Lebanon and Palestine, which are aimed at destroying their infrastructure and violating human rights by assassinating, arresting and torturing the innocent civilians with complete disregard to international conventions and human considerations,” Madani said.

“Saudi Arabia is warning the international community against the dangerous situation in the Middle East and against sliding into an atmosphere of war and violence whose consequences cannot be anticipated especially under the international indifference in dealing with the Israeli aggressive policies,” he noted.

Madani stressed that Saudi Arabia fully supports both Lebanon and Palestine, and called on the international community to act to end the violence.