2006 News Story

GCC foreign ministers meet in Jeddah

The foreign ministers of the Riyadh-based Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) held an ordinary session in Jeddah today, under the chairmanship of Sheikh Abdullah bin Zaid Al-Nahayan of the UAE. Minister of Foreign Affairs Prince Saud Al-Faisal represented Saudi Arabia at the meeting.

The ministers were briefed on a number of issues related to a GCC common market. They also discussed environmental issues, military cooperation and security coordination.

In a statement, the ministers firmly rejected all forms of terrorism and called for a concerted international counterterrorism effort that includes the exchange of information.

They called on the international community to pressure Israel to withdraw its forces from all Lebanese territory and halt its blockade of Lebanon. The GCC supports Lebanon’s efforts to exert authority throughout the country and rebuild.

The statement also urged the international community to continue efforts towards a fair, comprehensive peace in the Middle East.