2006 News Story

Kingdom announces new social welfare regulations

The Ministry of Social Affairs has announced new rules to monitor the activities of charitable societies, the Arab News reported today. The objective of the legislation is to ensure that charitable organizations and cooperative societies operate within the law.

Deputy Minister of Social Affairs Awal Al-Raddadi announced the new measures on the occasion of a visit to Riyadh by an Arab League delegation. He noted that the idea was to lay down rules and regulations for these societies in order “to put an end to some unfamiliar social phenomenon, in addition to teaching people the importance of social work and encouraging them to participate in such activities,” as quoted by the Arab News.

The ministry has announced social welfare measures that include the payment of pensions via ATM cards, financial support for widows and others in need and handicraft centers for artisans, Al-Raddadi noted.  In addition, each member of a family up to eight members will receive an additional allowance of $827; previously, only up to four members of a family could receive the allowance. 

Al-Raddadi pointed out that the ministry now supervises 150 establishments and rehabilitation centers in the Kingdom. These facilities cater to the needs of senior citizens, orphans, abandoned children and the disabled.