2006 News Story

Innovative system developed at KFUPM links patients and doctors online

Engineers at the King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) have developed a new system that allows people suffering from diabetes and hypertension to undergo basic medical checkups from their homes, the Arab News reported today.

The innovative initiative called Salamat (Good Health) allows patients to use a digital blood pressure monitor at home, which then transmits the data to a central server at KFUPM. Doctors access the information by typing in a patient’s ID and make medical recommendations, which are then posted on a website for the patients to read. Patients using the site can also access their medical results and history.

“The project is designed to link patients and doctors and for the patient to undergo regular health checkups wherever he or she is,” said KFPUM system engineer Mansour Al-Dajani, as quoted in the Arab News. Al-Dajani has been working on Salamat for two years with the rector of Madinah’s Taybah University, Mansour Al-Nuzha.

Researchers of health trends are optimistic that the new system will be instrumental in collecting data about hypertension and diabetic patients in Saudi Arabia. “The project also aims to give accurate data on diseases people in Saudi Arabia suffer from and what doctors recommend to treat them,” said Al-Dajani in the Arab News.

Currently, Salamat is only available at KFUPM’s clinic, but developers hope that it will soon catch on and become popular with other hospitals and clinics throughout Saudi Arabia. “We hope that this project will reach as many health organizations as possible in the Kingdom so that it may become beneficial for all,” said Dajani.