2006 News Story

Interior Ministers of Iraq’s neighbors conclude meeting

The Interior Ministers of Iraq’s neighboring countries concluded their third session in Jeddah yesterday with statements of support for Iraq. The meeting was chaired by Minister of Interior Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz.

The ministers confirmed their support for Iraq’s unity, security, stability and integrity. They agreed on the importance of security coordination and cooperation among Iraq’s neighbors, particularly on the exchange of information related to counterterrorism and border security. They signed a multi-party protocol on security cooperation and called on Iraq’s neighbors to extend all possible support to the Iraqi police.

The ministers agreed on the importance of supporting efforts to foster stability in Iraq and ending terrorist activities that threaten the security of Iraq and its neighbors. They also condemned terrorist acts that target Iraqis.

The ministers rejected all efforts to link Islam to terrorism, noting that terrorist is counter to the principles and values of Islam. They denounced the offensive statement made by Pope Benedict XVI last week, and called on Benedict to issue a clear apology.