2006 News Story

First phase of Jamarat expansion to be completed by early December

The first phase of the Jamarat Bridge expansion project in Mina will be completed by early December in time for the next Hajj season, the Arab News reported today.

“We have already completed 70 percent of the first phase. God willing, the remaining part will be ready within the next 65 days,” Deputy Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs Habeeb Zainul Abideen told the Arab News. He added that around 10,000 people have been working 24-7 to complete the project on time.

The Kingdom undertook the $1.12 billion project as part of its efforts to avoid stampedes and crowding in the Jamarat area.

When it is completed, the new four-level bridge will accommodate more than three million pilgrims at a time. It will have 10 entrances and 12 exits distributed over the four levels plus the ground floor, which will be used by pilgrims coming from the east, who account for the majority of the crowd. The new bridge will also include two helipads for speedy evacuation in the event of an accident.

In related news, an engineer said construction on two underpasses in the Jamarat area named after King Faisal and Al-Jowhara has been completed. The underpasses will make it easier for vehicles to move through the area.