2006 News Story

Kingdom’s first cancer screening center to open next month

Saudi Arabia’s first cancer screening center will open next month in Riyadh, the Arab News reported today. The Abdullatif Charitable Cancer Center will have specialized clinics with advanced medical equipment to diagnose different types of cancers in both men and women.

“This will be the first center to conduct early diagnosis of cancer in the Kingdom,” chairman of the Saudi Cancer Society Dr. Abdullah ibn Suleiman Al-Amr told the Arab News.

Dr. Al-Amr said that the center would give priority to early detection of breast cancer due to the growing number of breast cancer cases among Saudi women. The center aims to achieve a 90 percent cure for women suffering from breast cancer, he added.

Businessman Abdullatif Al-Abdullatif has donated $2.1 million to meet the center’s operational expenses for a year. Plans are also underway to establish an $8 million endowment for the society in Riyadh to secure permanent revenue to finance its activities.

The Saudi Cancer Society provides financial assistance to cancer patients on the basis of medical reports they receive from hospitals. It is supervised by the Ministry of Social Affairs.