2006 News Story

Commission proposed to monitor charity work abroad

Plans are underway to establish a Saudi charity commission to regulate charitable activities overseas, the Arab News reported today. A proposal for such a commission will be presented to the Shura (Consultative) Council for approval.

According to the proposal, the commission would be a non-profit, private organization. The Saudi government would not be responsible for any errors made by organizations operating under the commission’s supervision.

The Saudi government would monitor the activities of all of the charities and take action against those people who break the rules.

A number of Shura Council members, including Deputy Chairman Mahmoud Taybah, came up with the idea for the charity commission after a report highlighted the challenges involving Saudi charitable activities overseas. The proposal has already been presented to Shura Chairman Saleh bin-Homaid, along with models of similar charity commissions in Europe and the United States.

The commission would be based in Riyadh with branch offices in the Kingdom and overseas.