2006 News Story

Prince Ahmad hails education care for the handicapped

On Sunday night, Deputy Interior Minister Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz praised the attention the Kingdom has given to education for the handicapped. Speaking after his inauguration of the International Conference on Learning Disabilities he noted that the Kingdom has made huge strides in its care for the handicapped.

Prince Ahmed commented on progress made in protecting the students from destructive ideologies, saying, “God willing, destructive ideologies will be far away from the students.” He noted that the Interior Ministry has been coordinating well with the Education Ministry in this area.

Prince Ahmed also responded to reports of rumors of terrorist plots during this year’s Hajj, saying, “Thanks to Almighty God, I have no information about this issue, but we have heard the rumors, which we are used to hearing prior to Hajj season.” He added: “I hope this year’s Hajj season will be easy and comfortable for all.”

Turning to the ongoing trial of those who advocate terrorist fatwas, Prince Ahmad said “those who might be convicted will be tried.”

On Iraq, Prince Ahmed said the Kingdom remains concerned with developments there because the Iraqis are Arabs, Muslims and neighbors. “The Kingdom is keen to enhance the pillars of security and stability in Iraq,” he said.  He discounted reports of a wall being built on the Saudi-Iraqi border, saying, “There will be no wall, but efforts are exerted to prevent infiltration across the borders.” He said a plan will be implemented by phases.