2005 Public Statement

Profiles of winners in Riyadh City municipal election

Below are short biographies of those candidates elected to the seven open seats on the municipal council for the City of Riyadh. The other seven seats are by appointment, as is the position of Mayor. The election took place on February 10, 2005.

First Precinct: Abdullah ibn Ahmad Al-Suwailim
Age, 42; married; Bachelor’s Degree; current job, teacher
Experience: five years as an electrical engineer; teacher since 1989; imam and preacher at Prince Khaled ibn Saud Mosque; social worker; has appeared on several television programs.
Focus: to take better care of streets, parks and things affecting citizens directly.

Second Precinct: Name: Sulaiman Saleh Al-Rashoodi
Age, 44; married; doctorate; current job: Chairman of the Gulf Union Juice Factory.
Experience: assistant professor at King Abdul Aziz University; assistant supervisor for the Institute of Nuclear Energy Studies in 1990 and 1997; on the Committee for the Second Industrial City; Director-General of Gulf Union Juice Factory.
Focus: to participate in and organize municipal services.

Third Precinct: Tariq ibn Othman Al-Qassabi
Age 54; married; BSc in Civil Engineering; current job, Deputy President, Dallah Albaraka Group.
Experience: Overseeing the construction of bridges, tunnels, roads, water utilities and buildings.
Focus: to use his expertise in civil engineering to better develop the city of Riyadh in coordination with special teams in the municipality.

Fourth Precinct: Abdul Aziz Al-Omari
Age 48; married; doctorate; current job: Professor at Imam Muhammad ibn Saud University.
Experience: teacher of Islamic Civilization; founder and owner of several real estate and engineering projects in Riyadh; assistant head of Institute of Islamic and Arabic Sciences of America in the greater Washington DC area.
Focus: to streamline paperwork for citizens in the municipality.

Fifth Precinct: Omar ibn Muhammad Basudan
Age 48; married; doctorate; current job, general manager of research and technical studies, General Institute for Technical Education.
Experience: lecturer at King Fahd University for Petroleum and Minerals (1981-86); engineer for Saudi Consolidated Electricity Company (1986-88); teacher and assistant dean at Riyadh Technical College.
Focus: to improve municipal services by coordinating between the main municipality and its branches; and to launch more and better services.

Sixth Precinct: Ibrahim Al-Quayid
Age 53; married; doctorate; current job: President of Dar Al-Maarifah for Human Development.
Experience: President of Dar Al-Maarifah’s team for studies and consultant services;  supervising administrative and human development skills, educational skills; member of several scientific and philanthropic societies.
Focus: to look carefully at citizens’ needs, especially those of children; desires to be a link between citizens and officials in order to develop Riyadh

Seventh Precinct: Misfir ibn Abdullah Al-Bawardi
Age 48; married; doctorate; current job, businessman
Experience: teacher in intermediate and secondary schools; head of Al-Hasa Commission; deputy head of Riyadh Commission; founder of Al-Nubala Private School; founder of Ithra real estate company
Focus: to work with the community and the country hand-in-hand to build a better future for the community; to enhance municipal services and care for all sectors of the community.