2005 Public Statement

Shaikh Al-Luheidan's denial of alleged support for terrorism
Shaikh Salih bin Muhammad Al-Luheidan, Head of the Supreme Judicial Council, issued a statement on May 2, 2005, refuting allegations of support for terrorism. The following is a translation of the complete text of his statement.

Gratitude is owed to God and God alone. Peace unto the faithful whom He has chosen. God alone be our shelter against those who commit injustice. The Peace of God be upon His prophets.

I have come to know that certain newspapers and television channels have published and transmitted reports about me, alleging that I promote and support terrorism, and that I support terrorists in Iraq as well as in Saudi Arabia.

Such reports and allegations have no truth: for instance, I have always maintained that the matter of Iraq belongs to the Iraqis. Moreover, I have never been, nor will I ever be, one who advocates the killing of anyone, whether Iraqi or American, or any other. I abhor injustice and the killing of innocent people. I was one of the first on Saudi television to condemn the killing of innocent people in the events of September 11 in New York and Washington. At that time, I pointed out how sinful and terrible it is to shed innocent blood; and since then, my abhorrence at such matters has become even greater.

As for what has been said about a tape with my voice, and that I have acknowledged the authenticity of my voice on that tape, I can say categorically that I am not one to have covert and overt tapes. Doctoring tapes to abuse one's statements is a well-known business; and in fact, misquoting and/or adding one part of a speech to another in order to achieve devious objectives is a practice known to everyone familiar with the technology. What is taped of my lectures is all overt; there is no need to leak it to any country, since these tapes are widely exchanged and some of the lectures are transmitted electronically. None of these lectures, however, contains anything that supports terrorists or incites them to do evil or commit acts of terrorism, whether in Iraq or in Saudi Arabia.

Shedding the blood of innocent people is prohibited everywhere, and anyone who does not believe in this prohibition is deviant and sacrilegious.

Behind such allegations, I am certain, are criminals and instigators. They are directed not only against me but against a State known for its love of what is good, for its benevolence, and for sharing in alleviating injustice and danger. The allegations leveled against me are nothing but crimes and aggressions, behind which, perhaps, lie hidden meanings to which I cannot subscribe, nor do I accept them in anyone else. Such meanings are inappropriate for anyone who fears God, abhors injustice, and detests aggression.

Therefore, I find nothing worth saying other than the Qur’anic verse: "Perish in your rage." The Kingdom will remain, under its leadership and religious scholars, innocent of supporting injustice and of promoting tyrants. I detest injustice and aggression. I worship God Who has denied Himself these traits and prohibited them for His worshippers.

Whoever claims I encourage people, whether Saudis or non-Saudis, to travel to Iraq in order to kill Americans and Iraqis, I challenge that person to present viable evidence. Worse still is the allegation that I promote terrorism and bombing inside Saudi Arabia, I, who support the killing of those who carry out such acts.

I am a judge, and I know the ramifications of words. What is happening in Iraq – the kidnapping of innocent people, the holding of hostages, and the bombings - cannot be acceptable to any rational human being; nor can they be accepted by those who are believers.

To the criminal, malicious and bold liars who are behind such rumors, fabrications and libels, all I can say is: "God sufficeth, and He is the best disposer of affairs"; and I have no doubt whatever that God will be in wait for every criminal unless he repents and returns to His ways.

In conclusion, I say: As is my government, I, so help me God, am fully innocent of having overt and covert positions, one claiming innocence while the other calls for evil. Our upbringing denies such contradictory stances. We, as our leaders have always been, are truthful and candid, and promote justice and loyalty.
I end with a quotation from the Holy Qur’an: "Think not that Allah doth not heed the deeds of those who do wrong." [Ibrahim, 14:42]

All thanks to God, and peace and blessing be unto mankind’s messenger of mercy. To God I do entrust my affairs.

Salih bin Muhammad Al-Luheidan

Head of the Supreme Judicial Council