2005 Speech

King Fahd, Crown Prince Abdullah issue annual Eid A-Adha statement
Address by Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques King Fahd and Crown Prince Abdullah on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha 1425

On this blessed occasion, we are delighted to congratulate you on the blessed Eid Al-Adha.   The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, honored with the custody of the Two Holy Mosques, enjoys being in the service of pilgrims and ensuring their comfort so they perform their rituals in tranquility, security and ease.

Eid in Islam has many meanings: to show joy and satisfaction; to look after the needs of other Muslims and seek what is good for them; to cooperate on the enhancement of good deeds; and to build bridges of mercy and sympathy with Muslims in order to achieve the bounds of brotherhood in Islam, and to resort to the firm tie away from extremism in a manner that expels terrorism, the plague whose ruinous nature is the very thing Islam proscribes and warns against.

Let us take, as our good ideal, the Prophet, peace be upon him, and hold his Sunnah (tradition) and the Sunnah of the Caliphs after him and follow the path of the good ancestors of this nation.

At the end, we repeat our congratulation to you, and we pray to God to accept pilgrims' Hajj, and pray for their safe return to their countries.