2005 News Story

Interior Ministry identifies remains of Riyadh bombers
One on the most wanted list

The Ministry of Interior has revealed the identity of four of the five terrorists in Wednesday’s explosions at the Ministry of Interior and the headquarters of the Emergency Special Forces. The remains of the suicide bombers have been identified through DNA tests. 

Two of the three terrorists involved in the attack on the Ministry of Interior have been identified as Abdullah Saud Abunayan Alsobaie'e and Mohammed Mohsin Rashid Al-Usaimi. Alsobaie'e was on the Kingdom’s 26 most wanted list and was involved in the Al-Muhaya residential complex bombing in Riyadh November 2003 and the attack on a Oasis Residential Resort in Al-Khobar May 29, 2004. The third terrorist’s remains have not yet been identified.

The perpetrators of the attack on the headquarters of the Emergency Special Forces were identified as Dakheel Abdulaziz Dakheel Mohammed Al-Obaid and Nasser Ali Saad Al-Mutairi.

In both incidents, the terrorist blow up their vehicles when confronted by security forces and failing to reach the gates of the buildings.