2005 News Story

Saudi Red Crescent Society director tours tsunami-devastated areas, meets with Indonesian vice president

Dr. Abdulrahman bin Abdulaziz Al-Sweilim, chairman of the Saudi Red Crescent Society, met today with Indonesian Vice President Mohammed Yusuf Kalla during a fact finding tour of the tsunami-devastated areas.  During their meeting, Dr. Al-Sweilim lauded the cooperation between the Indonesian authorities and the Saudi relief missions in delivering assistance to the needy in Indonesia  Vice President Kalla hailed the efforts of the Kingdom in this regard. 

Following their meeting Dr. Al-Sweilim told a press conference that the Saudi Red Crescent Society will open a liaison office in Aceh province to follow up and monitor the distribute relief supplies. Dr. Al-Sweilim, who will be travelling to tsunami-stricken Aceh province on Friday, added that he was briefed by a number of officials on the needs of the victims of the earthquake and tsunami.