2005 News Story

Woman wins seat on Saudi Engineers Council

Nadia Bakhurji won a seat on the new 10-member board of the newly formed Saudi Engineers Council. Ms. Bakhurji, the only woman running, came in fifth in a filed of 71. The Saudi Engineers Council has only 20 women among its 5,000 members.

One of Ms. Bakhurji’s objectives is to increase membership and visibility, and to create a database of all female engineers, designers and architects.

Ms. Bakhurji has joined other woman pioneers who were voted onto the boards of other professional organizations:  Ms. Nawal Al-Rashed and Ms. Nahed Bashatah, won seats on the board of the Saudi Journalists Association in 2004; and Ms. Lama Sulaiman and Ms. Nashwa Taher, won seats on the board of the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry last month.