2005 News Story

Counter-Terrorism International Conference in Riyadh concludes with ‘Riyadh Declaration’

The Counter-Terrorism International Conference that has been taking place in Riyadh since February 5 concluded its meetings today under the chairmanship of Minister of Interior Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz, with the 51 countries and 11 organizations participating in the four-day event expressing great appreciation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for calling for and hosting the conference.

The final communiqué, to be known as the ‘Riyadh Declaration’, confirms that terrorist acts are a threat to international security, encourages mass media to condemn extremism and deviant ideas, urges countries and organizations worldwide to work together, supports the resolutions of the United Nations, and endorses Crown Prince Abdullah’s proposal for an international center for combating terrorism.

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In his concluding address, Prince Nayef commented that the Conference came at a time of critical confrontation with ugly crimes whose perpetrators have no respect for religion or humanity, and noted that its conclusion is not the end of the road, but a practical start towards achieving the objectives of ensuring the safety of all human beings against terrorism, violence, killing and destruction.