2005 News Story

Winners announced in Riyadh City’s municipal elections

  Riyadh voters, February 10, 2005 (photo courtesy Arab News)

The names of the winners of the election for the municipal council of the City of Riyadh have been announced. At a press conference tonight, Chairman of the Municipal Electoral Commission Prince Dr. Mansour bin Met'eb bin Abdulaziz declared that Abdullah Alsuwailem, Sulaiman Salih Alroshoodi, Tariq Othman Alqasbi, Omer Mohammed Basudan, Ibrahim bin Hamad Alqaeed and Misfer bin Abdullah Albawardi had been elected to the seven open seats. The remaining seven members of the 14-member council will be appointed by the government, in accordance with the municipal councils system.

Prince Dr. Mansour reported that in the city, 56,354 voters took part in the polls, representing 65 percent of the 86,462 registered voters. As for elections to municipal councils in other parts of Riyadh Province, the northern sector recorded 14,826, representing 85 percent of the 17,441 registered voters; the western sector had 17,776, representing 79.5 percent of the 22,351 registered; and the southern sector had 18,154, representing 82.5 percent of the 21,998 registered.