2005 News Story

Counter-terrorism exhibit in Dhahran shows strength of Saudi security

A counter-terrorism exhibit is currently on display at the King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) in Dhahran in the Eastern Province, reflecting the international conference that took place in Riyadh from February 5 to 8. Taking part are the Kingdom’s security forces, including the police, the coastguards, the border patrols and the National Guard as well as the Saudi Arabian Army, Navy, and Airforce, who are presenting a selection of the weaponry they are using in the fight against terrorists.

On display is equipment for the detection and demolition of explosive materials, sophisticated x-ray machines for a variety of purposes, devices for fingerprinting and for electronic surveillance, arms that paralyze rather than kill, and weapons of all sorts, including machine guns capable of over 1,000 rounds a minute. A feature of the exhibit is the selection of amphibious tanks, highly maneuverable vehicles effective against maritime smuggling operations. Another is the group of robots that can detect and neutralize bombs.