2005 News Story

Two most-wanted terror suspects confirmed dead in shoot-out

The Ministry of Interior today issued details about Tuesday’s terrorist attacks in Qassim Province that resulted in the death of five security men and killing of two terrorist suspects on the Kingdom’s 36 most-wanted list published on June 28, 2005.


The two security men killed in the drive-by shooting east of the city of Buraidah were identified as Corporal Attalla bin Ali al-Miteiri and Corporal Abdulrahman bin Mohammed al-Kudeibi.  The three security men killed in the drive-by shooting near the town of al-Midhnab were identified as Sergeant Obeid bin Abdullah al-Miteiri, Corporal Sarour bin Mohammed al-Rasheedi and Private Saad bin Damouk al-Miteiri.

Security forces pursued the car, and after an exchange of fire, a member of the deviant group was wounded and arrested.  He later died in hospital.  The terrorist suspect was identified as Mohammed Abdulrahman Alsuwailmi, 23.  Alsuwailmi was #7 on the list of 36 most-wanted.

Another suspect fled the area after commandeering a citizen’s car at gunpoint.  He was later killed in a shootout with security forces in the desert area of Nafud Umm Khashaba, east of al-Midhnab.   The second terrorist suspect was identified as Abdulrahman Salih Abdulrahman Almit'eb, 26.  Almit'eb was #4 on the list of 36 most-wanted list.

Items recovered from the vehicle include six home-made bombs, three automatic assault weapons, five pistols, a large quantity of ammunition, electronic devices, forged license plates, various documents, jewelry and SR 425,330 [$113,000] in cash.  The incident is still under investigation.

Almit'eb was wanted for firing at a security patrol along Riyadh-Qassim Highway, including an April 13, 2004 incident which resulted in the death of two security men.  Almit’eb operated as a recruit and fundraiser for the deviant group.   Alsuwailmi was wanted for firing at security men in the city of Riyadh.  Alsuwailmi was a computer expert who used his skills to post the deviant group’s messages on the Internet.  He also operated as a recruiter for the group, including recruiting his brother Ahmad, who was killed by security forces in clashed in Dammam September 4-7, 2005.