2005 News Story

Two security officers, two militants killed in Makkah

The Interior Ministry reported today that security forces, after pursuing three wanted suspects along the Madinah-Makkah highway last night, finally cornered them at a hideout in Makkah. Storming the building, they killed two of the militants and arrested the third. Two security officers were killed in the incident, and four slightly injured.

The security forces were on checkpoint duty last night, and stopped a car that contained four persons, two of them wearing ihram [the white cloth Muslims wear for pilgrimage] and two wearing women’s clothing. When the driver got out of the car to respond to the patrol’s request for identity papers, the three passengers managed to flee with the car. The driver, who was arrested and interrogated on the spot, gave the information that the passengers, including the two disguised as women, were members of the deviant group and wanted by security. The fugitives were pursued to a hideout in the Alsalamah residential neighborhood of the city of Makkah. They opened fire randomly at the security forces, resulting in the burning of a number of cars parked nearby.