2005 News Story

Suspect wounded and arrested in shootout in Riyadh

The Ministry of Interior has reported that late yesterday a wanted militant suspect was wounded and is now under arrest in hospital following a shootout in the Rawabi district in the east of the city of Riyadh. The arrested militant was later identified as Abdulaziz bin Rasheed bin Hamdan Altowaile'i Ala'nezi. He wrote propaganda under several aliases, such as Akhu mun-taa’allah, Farhan bin Mashhoor Alrowaili, and Abdullah bin Nasir Alrasheed.

Security forces had identified a suspect vehicle, and asked the driver, who was approaching on foot, to show his identity card. The driver then opened fire on the security officers. He tried to take possession of a bystander’s car, but was overcome. One citizen was slightly injured in the incident. In the suspect car were found four highly explosive bombs, four pipe bombs, two Kalashnikov machine guns, two pistols, a quantity of varied ammunition, nine different car tags, incriminating documents, and cash.