2005 News Story

Ports handle 1.92 billion tons of goods in about three decades

Saudi Arabia's ports handled more than 1.92 billion tons of goods during the last 29 years.  These ports also engaged in the clearance of about 95 percent of the Kingdom's exports and imports.

A report issued by the Ports Authority said the Kingdom in 1424-1425 H (2003-2004) had eight ports with 183 wharves which were capable of receiving the largest ships in the world and operating around the clock.

In 1424-1425H (2003-2004), the Kingdom's ports handled about 120.8 million tons of exported and imported goods with the exclusion of crude oil.  Exports constituted 63.75 percent of the total handled goods which included refined petroleum products, petrochemicals and industrial materials.  Imports amounted to 43.5 million tons and included foodstuffs, building materials, raw materials and consumer goods.

The report said the Kingdom's major ports received 10, 684 ships in 2003-2004. The Islamic port of Jeddah received 4,438 ships, 41.5 percent of the total number, King Abdulaziz Port of Dammam received 2,137 ships, 20.1 percent of the total number, King Fahd Industrial Port of Yanbu received 1,483 ships, while King Fahd Industrial Port of Jubail received 1, 247 ships.

The Ports Authority has also focused attention on the comfort of pilgrims and passengers traveling through the ports. More than two million passengers either arrived or departed via the Kingdom's ports in 2003-2004.