2005 News Story

Interior Minister clarifies new most-wanted list

Minister of Interior Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz, speaking yesterday at a graduation ceremony for the Nayef Arab University for Security Sciences, affirmed that the new list of most-wanted terror suspects came as a result of the security forces’ intensive efforts to pursue all those who participant in terrorist activities, and clarified that for those who are abroad, the Kingdom has cooperation with many countries, and there is exchange of detainees. He confirmed that those named on the list belong to the same organization as those on the list of 26 most-wanted issued in December 2003. He added that he could not confirm that Abdullah Alroshood, who was on the 2003 list, had been killed in Iraq as reported.

When the Ministry of Interior issued a new list of wanted terrorist suspects yesterday, the statement called on them to surrender and urged the public to provide information leading to their arrest. The Ministry’s statement declared that the concerned authorities had unearthed plots, based on false claims and deviant thoughts, that defame Islam, cause harm to the country’s security, and violate the sanctity of innocent people. The security forces, however, have uncovered the hideouts of these deviants, and have obtained information about those who were involved, indirectly as well as directly, in acts of terrorism such as the attack that took place in the city of Riyadh on May 12, 2003. They must be brought to justice, and their next of kin have already been notified of this.

The Ministry’s statement also warned the public not to shelter any of those named, but to give them a last chance to surrender, explain, and repent, thereby evading strict punishment. Anyone who has information about any of the most-wanted, or about any of fugitives previously named, and reports this to the nearest security authority, is eligible to receive a financial reward, with SR 1 million [U.S.$ 267,000] offered for information leading to the arrest of a wanted suspect, SR 5 million [$1.34 million] for more than one, and SR 7 million [$1.87 million] if the information results in stopping an act of terrorism.