2005 News Story

Top terror suspect on new most wanted list killed in Riyadh

The Ministry of Interior reported today that security forces had killed Younis Mohammed Ibrahim Alhayari, a Moroccan national who was #1 on Saudi Arabia’s newly-released most-wanted list. Alhayari was killed in a raid early this morning on two suspected terrorist hideouts in the Rawdah district of Riyadh.  The first resulted in the arrest of two individuals without incident; and the second in a shootout that ended in the killing of Alhayari and the arrest of another person.  Six security officers were slightly injured in the exchange of fire.  The identities of the three arrested are being withheld pending investigation.  Security forces also seized from the two locations explosives, weapons, ammunition, communications equipment, computers, and documents.

Minister of Interior Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz and Assistant Minister of Interior Prince Muhammad bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz visited the six wounded security officers, who were hospitalized following the raids. Prince Nayef praised the officers’ heroism and congratulated them on their efforts in protecting the homeland.

At a press conference later, Prince Nayef told reporters that the three in custody were dangerous but were not on last week’s most-wanted list. Asked about reports that Abdullah Mohammad Rashid Alroshood is dead, Prince Nayef said Saudi security authorities have not received any confirmation on Alroshood’s status.

The 36-year-old Alhayari entered Saudi Arabia on a Hajj visa in early 2001, then overstayed his visa, living with his wife and daughter.  Alhayari was considered an expert in explosives and was directly involved in earlier terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia. Following the death of his predecessor, he was nominated by members of the deviant group to head the group.

The Ministry of Interior issued a new most-wanted list  on June 28, naming 36 militants wanted by the security forces in connection with terrorist incidents, and urging them to surrender to the authorities. On July 1, Fayez Ibrahim Omer Ayyoub, number 29 on the newly released most wanted list, surrendered to Saudi authorities upon his return to Saudi Arabia.