2005 News Story

International book fair to be held in Riyadh in February 2006

The Ministry of Higher Education has announced an International Book Fair to be held at the Exhibition Center in Riyadh from February 22 to March 3, 2006. It is expected that over 500 publishing houses will take part, with more than 250,000 titles on display, in English and other languages as well as Arabic. All applicants are required to provide the organizers with a list of their publications from 2000 to date. No publishing house may submit fewer than 150 titles for display; however, there is the possibility of participating indirectly through another publisher, with authorization by that publisher.

For more information, please contact the 2006 Riyadh Book Fair Manager Dr Suleiman S. Al-Aqla at bookfair@recexpo.com or and by telephone at (+966) 1-454-1448 [fax -4846].

The exhibition complex has over 100,000 square feet each of air-conditioned space and outside areas. Facilities include a communications center, restaurants, and conference suites. Many cultural and literary events are being scheduled on the sidelines of the fair, including poetry readings and ceremonies honoring prominent Saudi writers.