2005 News Story

Cabinet: U.N. meeting, Israel-Palestine, Iraq, labor law

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz today chaired the regular weekly meeting of the Council of Ministers. He opened the session by expressing his appreciation for the good wishes he received from around the world in honor of Saudi Arabia’s National Day on September 23.

Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz then briefed the Cabinet on the recent 60th session of the U.N. General Assembly as well as on the discussions he held with world leaders while in New York for the U.N. meeting.

King Abdullah in turn briefed the Cabinet on his talks with the presidents of Yemen and Sudan, which focused on respective bilateral relations as well as international issues.

On the Palestinian issue, the Cabinet stressed that Israeli acts of violence against the Palestinians impede progress towards peace, and called on the international community to end its silence on this matter.

On Iraq, the Cabinet said it is in the interest of the region that Iraq should remain a unified Arab-Islamic political entity that represents all its citizens and is free of interference in its internal affairs.

Turning to domestic issues, the Cabinet endorsed a new labor law that aims to increase the number of Saudi nationals employed by companies in the Kingdom. The Cabinet also appointed Dr. Ahmed Al-Salem to the Supreme Commission for Tourism board of directors, approved regulations on licensing real estate shares, formed an appeal committee to consider financial securities disputes and approved Hassan Oqail as the new undersecretary of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry for internal commerce.