2005 News Story

First Saudi female jockey finishes seventh at Dubai endurance race

First female jockey Alia Hayel Aboutaiyh Al-Howaite finishes seventh at 120-km World Endurance Championship for the Sheikh Hamdan Al-Maktoum Challenge Cup in Dubai, December 22, Arab News reported today.   Alia was sponsored by Kingdom Holding Company Chairman Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. 

“We are delighted to support the first female jockey as we did the first lady pilot who is breaking new ground for other Saudi women,” Prince Alwaleed told the daily.

Alia started with horses at an early age with the support of her father and competed in several equestrian marathons but never represented the Kingdom.  Under the sponsorship of Prince Alwaleed, she underwent training under the supervision of the prominent coach, Najeeb Barjes and rode thoroughbred Falah, who is well known in the Kingdom for his endurance racing abilities.

Alia noted that there are several Saudi women who are interested in this sport but unfortunately they do not have the means to pursue their interests. She told Arab News that she will continue to participate in international events and her ultimate target is to compete in the world championship.