2005 News Story

King Abdullah and Crown Prince Sultan issue Eid message

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz and Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz issued a joint speech to the nation last night to mark the Eid Al-Fitr. Their Eid message was one of kindness, tolerance and goodwill towards society, fellow Muslims and humanity. They hoped that the values embodied by Ramadan – care, solidarity, brotherhood and tolerance – would continue throughout life.

In the speech, which was read on Saudi TV by Minister of Culture and Information Iyad Madani, King Abdullah and Crown Prince Sultan emphasized that the Islamic heritage is one of tolerance and open-mindedness, as evidenced by Muslim civilization at its peak.

King Abdullah and Crown Prince Sultan called on Al-Qaeda militants to repent, saying they hoped that the tiny minority of deviants would wake up before it is too late and realize that Saudi Arabia is a country that is genuinely Muslim in character, law and its vision for the future. They also said a prayer for those who lost their lives protecting Saudi Arabia from such extremism.

The two leaders said that Saudi Arabia is a blessed nation, and that Saudis are blessed to be living in a Muslim country whose prime responsibility is the service of the two holy mosques.