2005 News Story

Foreign Ministry confirms Saudi aid to Pakistan

The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed the following aid to Pakistan, following the devastating earthquake that struck the nation on October 8:


A sum of $10 million was provided in immediate assistance to the affected areas. A further $187 million has been pledged for reconstruction, most notably for schools, buildings, roads and hospitals, to be administered by the Saudi Development Fund. In addition, a nationwide fundraising campaign has raised the equivalent of $168.7 million.

The Saudi Development Fund has also extended $262.5 million in concessional loans to finance development projects in Pakistan over a five-year period. The Fund has also agreed to guarantee the equivalent of $187.5 million in non-oil Saudi exports related to reconstruction efforts in Pakistan.

Immediately following the quake, a Saudi field hospital was dispatched in order to provide medical care to victims of the quake. An ongoing airlift has delivered thousands of tons of relief assistance, including mats, blankets, tents, foodstuffs and medicines. The Kingdom has also donated quantities of dates to the World Food Program for distribution in Pakistan.