2005 News Story

Prince Turki calls for enhanced Saudi-US cooperation

Saudi Ambassador to the United States Prince Turki Al-Faisal today called for a continued focus on promoting strategic cooperation between the US and Saudi Arabia and enhancing cultural understanding between the two nations in an address to the US Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Prince Turki noted key areas in which the US and Saudi Arabia share a responsibility in promoting peace and stability, including Iraq, Afghanistan, the Arab-Israeli conflict.

On Iraq, he remarked that Saudi Arabia has made “every effort” to ensure that the US campaign there is successful. To that end, the Kingdom has provided a comprehensive aid package to Iraq that includes humanitarian assistance and an extensive field hospital. The Kingdom has also facilitated efforts to help the various Iraqi factions reconcile.

Concerning the Israelis and the Palestinians, Prince Turki stressed the importance of achieving a peaceful resolution to the conflict in which the Palestinians have a homeland. The US, he said, “is the only country that can play a vital role in this endeavor.” America must continue to support disengagement from the West Bank and Gaza, and Saudi Arabia will continue to help, Prince Turki said.

On Afghanistan, Prince Turki stressed the importance of supporting the emergence of a national government and programs to disarm illegal groups.

There must also be a continued focus on Saudi-US relations, Prince Turki said. He cited the creation of the Saudi-US Joint Strategic Dialogue, which is intended to institutionalize relations and deepen coordination on strategic and political issues. The Dialogue helps facilitate Saudi-US cooperation in combating terrorism – the most common threat faced by both nations, Prince Turki said.

Prince Turki also called for improving cultural understanding between Saudi Arabia and the US through educational exchanges and the media.

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